Monday, July 30, 2012

I am in love!

Well, after 3 long years of being single I am finally in a committed relationship and have fallen in love again. I never thought this would happen, especially after all of the BS that I've gone through with men; but, alas, here I am. Roarke has been one of my brothers friends since 9th grade in high school so I've basically known him forever. I always had a crush on him, but it was from the eyes of a teenager who secretly pines for her brothers hot friend but realizes it will never happen. Now we are both older, and those same rules that applied in high school don't anymore, and here I am. It's been kind of weird of course; changing the way I've looked at someone I've known forever, but overall, I'm glad that I have. Over the last couple of weeks, we've done everything from go out to a fancy dinner and go bar hopping afterwards, to having a backyard BBQ for my birthday and being outted to all of our friends. The best part is he has a 5 year old daughter who is so amazing and I am beyond ecstatic to be able to have her in my life. She is the cutest little girl and we have bonded beyond anything I could have even imagined. The only downside to my happiness is the fact that Roarke lives about 40 minutes away. He has his own house, so if this relationship continues, and I pray that it does, I will eventually be moving to the town he lives in. It's smaller than Madison and I'll be away from friends and family, but I guess I have to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. Maybe moving to a smaller town will help me settle down more, and stop spending late nights at the bars with my girls. I'm 28 now and I want to have a baby something fierce but that's not going to happen if I continue on with my life that way it is. Plus, there's a smaller school system so I might be able to get a good job in a community that actually values their teachers. I guess I will just have to wait and see what the future brings and just stay optimistic for now. I will keep you posted on our progress.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Im back

I stopped writing this blog because I was planning on teaching and I had heard that having a blog on the internet was frowned upon. And I didn't have very much to say. So I stopped writing. Well, things have changed so I've decided to start writing again. I'm one credit away from graduating with my Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education and I have no more money left for school. They won't let me take any more classes or receive my degree until I pay the 6 thousand I owe. So teaching is being put on hold temporarily unless I can find a job where they accept just an associates. We will see. In the meantime, at least I'm back writing. Things are quite different than they were last fall. I am living with my grandma now, helping her out, and taking care of her when I can. Mostly, she insists on taking care of me but hey, that's what grandma's are for, right? I've been spending more and more time away from my regular crew and have started hanging out with my brothers ex-girlfriend a lot. She's a blast and can actually drink as much as me! She's Irish! I think she and I were made to be friends. The best news of all though is that I've started dating someone new. And he is unbelievable an actual good guy! I still can't believe my luck but I knew that if I just held out and stopped messing around with douche bags that I would eventually find the right one. He wants the same things in life that I do so hopefully we can make this work. I'll post more about this later, I just wanted to send out a quick post letting you know that I plan to continue writing my blog! It feels good to be back!