Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sick as shit

I spent a lovely two days in the hospital this week. The embarrassing part about the whole situation is that I’ve been there so much the ER doctor recognized me straight away. Didn’t even have to pull my history to see what I was there about. Pretty fucking lame if you ask me. I have a disease called pancreatitis and you usually get it from drinking too much or its hereditary. I am a double whammy, meaning it runs in my family and I drink too much. Or at least I did drink too much. Now I drink considerably less than I used to but it’s still considered too much because even one drop off alcohol now is too much for my pancreas to deal with. The ironic part of this situation is that I hadn’t even been drinking this time to cause the flare up.

I came home from work and was cooking dinner (Chinese), and then I started getting the stomach pains. At this point in the game I can tell how strong the attack will be just by the strength of the pains. This one wasn’t letting up so I headed into the ER. They tested my pancreas levels, (I can never remember the name. It’s like lybase, or licase levels). The normal level is up to 60 and mine were at 798, so they told me I had to be admitted.

The next two days are not any kind of fun. Even though they doped my up on dilauded every two hours, and gave me my own room, I wasn’t allowed to have any food or water the whole time. The point of being there is to give my pancreas a rest, so that means no food or water and being hooked up to the IV for two days. And I can’t even eat any good food for at least a week.

This is such a horrible disease but I am doing everything they say I should because the alternatives are not acceptable to me. I can either become a diabetic or will end up not being able to digest my food. I don’t have insurance anymore so this whole experience probably put me thousands of dollars in the hole. I can’t even blame anyone for my circumstances because I’ve basically put myself in this situation. No more binge drinking for me. Life is so awesome right now I can’t even explain it.

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