Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A picture of your friends

Day 3 of the challenge is a picture of my friends. I don't have one picture with most of my friends in it so I'm going to share a couple of pictures and give a little story behind them.

(From left to right: Khan, Sheety, ME, Woody, Acker, Khath, and Mccanty)

This is a picture of us on my 25th birthday. As you can tell I am drunker as hell. Actually we all are. We rented a hotel room in Wisconsin Dells for the night and went out partying at Marley's, which is a really cool bar. I ended up getting laid in the stairway of the hotel and passing out in the bathroom. Good times. I love it when I do stuff like that.

This is a picture from the same night. All the girls are the same except for Robbie who is on the far left. After this picture was taken we started getting our drink on in the room. I'm really surprised management never shut us down because we had three rooms near each other and we got pretty damn loud. Over all it was one of my best birthdays.

Here are a couple more pictures of me and my girls:

Me and Lupe out drinking

Me and Woody out drinking

Me and Kammie out Drinking

Notice how all of these pictures involve me and other people drunk? I sense a theme here.

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  1. your 25th sounds like it was a blast! Your pics are so cute!