Monday, November 1, 2010

Throwing Down

Thursday night I ended up at a costume party at the Orpheum. We started out the night with a shot of vodka, which was probably the biggest mistake ever, and kept the party going with a continuous flow of vodka cranberries. The bartender at the event was a little cutie named Alex and she kept filling my drinks 3/4 full of liquor. How nice of her.

The next thing I remember is standing in Robbie's bathroom in my underwear arguing with her about god knows what. The way she tells it we got into an argument and I tried to push her down the stairs, punched her in the face, and then stormed out of the house. (after I got dressed of course)

What ACTUALLY happened, (I think), is we got into an argument in her bathroom while I was changing out of my costume. I did CHASE her down the stairs and I DID punch her in the face AFTER she dumped out my purse and all of my belongings on the floor. I keep getting these flashbacks of her snotty little face right before I popped her one. Here's how I remember it:

Robbie: (as she grabs my purse and empties out the contents on the floor) And this is my purse. I paid for it and I'm taking it back

Me: I can't believe you just did that (as i'm standing in my underwear glaring at her with alcohol fueled hatred in my eyes)

Robbie: what the hell are you going to do about.. (flies backwards because my fist just connected with her cheek)

The worst thing about all this isn't the fact that I was in my underwear in front of her boyfriend, or that we got into a physical altercation even though we're best friends, but the really bad thing is neither of us can remember what the whole fight was about in the first place. I went over to her house the next day and made up with her, but I keep having this feeling that I should be mad at her. I mean, why else would I attack her unless she really had it coming?

I guess we'll just have to blame it on the vodka and call it a day because I can't remember anything.

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