Sunday, October 24, 2010

Im back

It has been a couple of months since I posted because I really haven't had anything interesting to write about. The MAN situation is basically non-existent. Yes I'm getting laid periodically but it's nothing to write about. I guess that says something about the sex if it's so not important that you can't even take five minutes to blog about it. *Sigh* Oh well...

Bryan has come back into the picture. Quick recap: Bryan is a really cute guy that I met last year while I was hooking back up with The Ex. He races motorcycles and travels around the world. I couldn't handle his traveling and we eventually just stopped talking. A couple of weeks ago I got a text from him while I was out for Kammie's bday. He wants to get together and "catch up." A red flag immediately went off in my head and I questioned him about his motives.

He "claims" that he's not just trying to sleep with me but we'll see. He's in Florida right now and should be back this week. I never really felt the "spark" with him that I did with The Ex but he does have money and he is good in the sack. So we'll see what happens. To Be Continued....

In other news... it's that time again. Fall. Last year around this time I got H1N1 and basically out of commission for three months. I really hope that doesn't happen again this year but with my immune system you never know. We were told that our office is closing it's doors for good on 12/30 and then I will be out of a job. YEAH BUDDY! I can not wait to get out of this hell hole. Then i'm going to take a couple of months to live on unemployment, travel to Vegas hopefully, and basically rest after three long years working in customer service. I know the $ is good but it really isn't worth it. And now that I have my degree I should be able to find something more in my field.

So there you have it... not much going on. Will try to blog more as more develops. Halloween is coming up and it's louis' bday so should have more to report later.



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