Monday, August 16, 2010

Ain't no chef

I am not the best cook in the world. Over the years I have taught myself the basics and have gotten better. I still use my George Foreman grill for just about everything, but hey, that counts as cooking too.

I used to be a horrible cook though. I was raised by my grandmother and every time she'd try to teach me to cook, she'd end up doing it herself and I'd never learn. Plus, she was such a good cook I didn't feel there was any reason for me to have to learn. That all changed when I turned 19 and moved out of the house. The first time I tried to make lasagna I had to call my brother and ask him how to brown meat. (I had no idea how to do this) Once, I even forgot to take the frozen pizza off of the cardboard before I put it in the oven. I still haven't lived that down.

As I said, I've gotten better though. I learn from my mistakes. The other night I got home from work and realized I didn't have any food in the house. The most promising thing was a whole frozen chicken I had gotten from the pantry a couple months ago. I have never cooked a whole chicken before so I went online to see about some recipes. It didn't say anything about the chicken being frozen so I put it in the sink to defrost for about 20 mins, and then popped it in the oven for about an hour. The skin started to look nice and crispy so I took it out and tried cutting some off the top. Once I flipped it over though I realized that the inside was completely frozen. I also realized that there was plastic sticking out of the inside of the chicken.

I have always been afraid that I'm going to poison myself one day with my cooking so I decided not to eat the chicken. Better safe than sorry. I asked my family what I had done wrong when we got together for dinner this weekend and they could not stop laughing. I guess you're supposed to defrost it over night and pull the gizzards out of the middle. How was I supposed to know this? Good thing I didn't eat it.

Oh well. Just put it down to another funny ass thing I've done in the kitchen. And now that I know what I did wrong, I'm going to try again and hopefully have better results.

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