Monday, July 12, 2010

Pick me up

Friday night I went out to the bar for the first time in awhile. If you remember I was trying to be sober for a bit and give my liver a break. I guess I could have gone longer but I've been feeling much better and felt I deserved to go out. (This is all just an excuse.) I'm aware of the fact that drinking is bad. I'm just choosing not to follow the doctors orders right now. I'll slow down again but my birthday is next week and I feel like celebrating. For a whole month.

The bar we went to is right down the street from my house and I usually don't go there. It started out kind of lame but eventually got a little bit out of control. Robbie doesn't drink so when she does it's hilarious. We were having an excellent time with our Orange Stoli's and 7up when a couple of really funny stuff happened.

1. This drunk guy tried to hit on me. He wasn't the first or the last of the evening but his pick up line was the best. He asked me if I wanted to be his "sexual friend." I asked him (sarcastically) why a good looking guy like him didn't already have one. His response was he (not surprisingly)had a girlfriend at home. I told him I wasn't interested.

2. As I was sitting at the bar waiting for Robbie to come back in from smoking, (I don't smoke cigarettes and I'm no going to stand outside and get eaten by mosquito's), this old dude that was sitting next to me started talking to me. I'm a pretty nice person so I engaged in a little conversation. Here's what this guy had to offer: He was unemployed, about 20 years older than me, and he kept asking me my name. After the fourth time he asked me I just turned and walked away. What a waste of time. Good thing I gave him the wrong phone number.

3. I ended up going outside to get some fresh air after the old dude, and I ran into this handsome guy who invited me to his (hot) car for a little smoke session. He was very smooth and I was digging his car. But then he tells me he's married but his wife is down with it. He asked me if I wanted to come home and meet her. I'm a single girl and I like to have a little fun once in awhile but this was a new one for me. Instead of just saying no though I told him I would as long as all my friends at the bar could come too. So three car loads of people headed over to dudes house. Needless to say his girl was not hot, and the situation became super weird. Thank god Robbie's boyfriend is a spaz and wanted us to get home,(like we're 5 and have a curfew or something) so we made up an excuse and got the hell out of there.

Unfortunately Dude has my real phone number and has texted me a couple of times. I don't know how to let him down easy so I'm just not going to answer. If I was a meaner person this is exactly what I would say:

"You're hot and everything but your girl is kind of a dog. I think it's weird you pick up girls at the bar and bring them home to your girl like she's Charlotte and she's collecting specimens for her web. I'm good on that Dude. But hey, if you ever want to smoke me up again, go ahead and give me a call. Peace."

Too harsh??

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  1. Aren't you having the little adventures! You got the old bait and switch there with my hot guy hot car. Lured you in with all that goodness and BAM! Ugly chick. Good think you took a posse with you.