Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthyday Love

Everyone has their favorite holiday. Mine is my birthday. (and yes, it is a holiday, or at least it should be) Every year turns out to be crazier than the last. When I was 19 my friends threw me my first surprise party. I ended the night by passing out on the driveway trying to find my bottle that I had drank about an hour before.

When I was 20 I ended up breaking my foot because I was running to the barrel. In 4 inch high heels. Instead of going to the hospital though, I sat by the barrel until it was done and then made them carry me to the next one. (That's hardcore)
The pain eventually got so bad that I allowed them to take me to the hospital. I still went out the next night, crutches and all. We ended up at this place that turned out to be a naked party. I thought I was hallucinating at first since I was drunk and on a bunch of pain meds. But no. Everyone was running around buck ass naked. I plopped my gimpy self down next to an empty kiddie pool, of which I spend most of the night puking into. One of the guys, who was quite naked, tripped over the pool and landed in my puke. FUNNIEST THING EVER!!

When I was 25 we went to the Dells, got a couple hotel rooms, and partied at Marley's. I had never been to Marley's before but they give you free liquor on your birthday and I basically had to be carried out by the end of the night. Back at the hotel room I ended up sneaking off with a friend of mine, Owen, who I have had a crush on since high school, and getting it on in the stairway.

This year was supposed to be the birthday to end all birthdays but it was both disappointing and a little over the top. We ended up going camping in Michigan at a Rave called Dude Where's my tent? This had recipe for disaster written all over it. Things are bound to go wrong when you throw 10 crazy ass people in a little camper in 100 degree heat. I don't know if it was the heatstroke or the millions of party favors floating around but people started acting kind of strange. Grafton kept coming back to the camper with things he had found all over the campgrounds that made no kind of sense. Once he came back with a trampoline and a rubber duck, not sure where he got this stuff from, so we ended up taping him to a chair. Robbie would not leave the camper and kept cleaning it over and over again and basically missed all of the music. I, on the other hand, was down in front of the DJ tables all night. I think everything went wrong when Grafton talked me into taking a trip into town. We got lost, ran out of gas, and had no money. We were high, drunk, and looked like we had been up all night and were begging people for change. Good times.

We ended up calling the weekend short after I got stuck in the trailer and tried to climb my way out through the ceiling. Not sure why I didn't just use the door but hey, I blame it on the heat. Now I owe $430 in damages to the guy we rented the trailer from. Remind me to never go camping in July ever again.

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