Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sexiest camping trip ever

You know that feeling after you've hooked up with someone and it's really really excellent? I've been riding on that feeling all weekend. Robbie and I went out for ice cream with T and J on Friday and got to talking about spending the night up at J's aunts cabin. We had to lie to Robbie's man of course and say we were at Woodie's parents cabin, even though I'm pretty sure her parents don't have a cabin.

I know I've talked about his before but it was quite amazing that I agreed to go since I hate bugs and I can't relax if I know that I am in an environment where there are bugs. Camping has become a nightmare for me which sucks since I used to love to camp when I was young and, spent one week every summer sleeping in tepees at Bethel Horizons Summer Camp.

Camping isn't so bad when you have Grey Goose, two cute boys, and an active libido. We started out playing a drinking game and then sat around the campfire. One thing led to another and I broke my celibacy. The sun eventually came up and I was left walking bowlegged. J has a lot of stamina. I've had a smile on my face ever since and still can't believe I spent 10 wonderful hours in the woods without freaking out about bugs.

I think I'll have to make that my new recipe if I ever go camping again. Boys, booze and sex.

(Oh, and if you're thinking I shouldn't have been drinking you're right. But I've been very good so I believe my liver is OK with it. And it was definitely for a good cause.)


  1. Crap. I messed up and have to come back again to comment. Ahem...let's see...what did I write? Oh yeah...

    Girl! If I was alone with alcohol and two boys, I'd tear shit up. (Don't tell my Ratt man) They'd be lucky to be alive. I'd be dancing naked over their spent carcasses. More! More of your adventures!!!!! I demand it!

  2. We sure did tear it up. I haven't had an orgy in a couple years so it was definitely fun. More to come...