Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Party, Party, Party

It has been such a long weekend and I am still recovering. Friday night I went to Chicago with some peoples to get it in. We stayed at our Russian friends penthouse and spent three days partying our ass off.

Friday night was kind of tame because all we did was go to a couple of bars. Two of Russian's friends came with us though and they were such little bitches that I wanted to smack the shit out of them. They both had so much collagen in their lips that we couldn't even understand what they were saying. One of the girls kept glaring at me because Russian was hitting on me hardcore. Lame!

I actually went to bed at a normal time like the good girl I am but everyone else ended up staying up all night. So when I woke up I wanted to go swimming in the pool and go to the lake and go on Russians jet ski. So I did. Robbie got pissed because I didn't wake her up but I wanted her to get some rest so she'd be up for the party that night. The waves on Lake Michigan were no joke and my arms and back are still hurting from flying around on that jet ski so much. But it really kicked ass and I got a really nice tan.

Saturday night we went to a rave in downtown Chicago. I must say that the party scene in Chicago is far better than the scene in my hometown. People were so fucked up and having a great time. I ended up hanging out with some cops for about 45 minutes, much to my friend's disbelief. I always seem to find myself talking to cops or firefighters when I'm all messed up. I find it quite funny. They had some guy against the wall and were searching him and I walked up to them like it was my business and just started having a conversation with one of them. His name was Jonathon and he was actually kind of cute. :)

Me: Hey, what are you doing to that guy? I'm going to call the cops on you
Jonathon: I am the cops
Me: Oh, well good. Get that fucker!
Jonathon: We are...
Me: So you got a girlfriend?
Jonathon: No
Me: Oh well... I think I'll just have a seat then...

After the rave we went to an afterset at this kids house and hung out there until the mid afternoon. Robbie thought she was OK to drive home but we got as far as Wheeling and made her pull into a hotel so we could sleep it off for a few hours. I left my favorite pillow that I've had since I was a little kid in Chicago and I'm pissed. I guess it's not a good idea to try to pack your stuff when you're messed up.

The best part of the whole weekend is we found out about this three day camping event in Michigan that is going on during my birthday in a couple of weeks. I'm going to take a lot of Valium so I don't freak out about the bugs. If it's anything like this weekend I know it's going to be off the hook!

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  1. You left your favorite pillow? Nooooooooooooo.

    Today's word verification: tater. Made me laugh.