Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jumping Ship

I don't know what day it is for sobriety and I don't care. I've been good so that's all that matters.

This summer is so different from last summer that I can't help feeling nostalgic. Last summer I was 10 pounds lighter, I could drink, there was always something fun to do, and I remember having a blast.

I don't know what it is about this summer but it seems like it hasn't started yet. I don't know if it's the recession or what but people don't seem to be doing anything. I've been swimming once so far but that about covers it. I did go to the Brewers game last week and then spent the rest of the weekend holed up inside.

Even the weather has been off. It's usually super sunny from June through August but all we've had is rain. I like the rain but it's still making things seem wrong.

We found out at work that they will be closing our office and laying everyone off in October. This has been so fun because people have been jumping ship ever since which leaves the rest of us to deal with more work.

The only good thing that has happened this week is the return of True Blood. I love that show. I was worried that I might be disappointed but it was a great episode. A little raunchy humor, more than last season, made the episode hilarious. I can't wait for next week.

I think I'm just restless though. Maybe I'll hit the gym later and work off some of this energy. I have been in a rut with the gym too. I used to love going to the gym and I loved the results I got. But now I just don't see the point. I know people say that you should look good for yourself but I really don't care right now. Not a good attitude to have and I realize this so hopefully I get out of this funk soon.

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