Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joys of moving

It's that time of year again and I'm really not looking forward to it. It's moving time. I want this move to be my last one for awhile so I'm trying to make sure the next place I move is a good one.

The last place we lived was ghetto but nothing as bad as the place I live now. The apartment is nice but the neighborhood and the people are on a level all their own. So far we've have a shooting outside my bedroom window, a constant daily block party where the neighbors sit outside with their folding card tables and their bottles of malt liquor, and people stealing stuff out of the laundry room.

Two nights ago I was doing laundry and came downstairs to get my clothes out of the dryer to find my laundry basket gone. I basement doors are locked now so you have to use your front door key to get in. Someone from my building stole my basket in the 30 mins it took me to dry my clothes. I am so tired of these people. Just because you are broke asses doesn't mean you can't have any class and need to steal from your neighbors.

So in my search for a new place I've been making sure to check out the reviews to see what previous tenants have said about the properties. I found this one on the site for an apartment complex that is across the street from my job:
From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 10/8/2007
Years at this apartment: 2006 - 2007

I moved in last winter and thought to myself, "Hey, this place is pretty nice". It didn't take long for me to figure out that there was a lot of illegal activity going on here. 2 days after I moved in I read an article in their newsletter about vehicles being vandalized in the parking lot. I so far, have not been a victim of that (knock on wood), but know of several neighbors that have had break ins, vandalism, etc. The garage does have cameras; turns out they're fake though. No joke! One of the cameras had been torn out of the wall and I told this person who was working in the leasing office about it. She wasn't the normal girl who was working there as they had a change in the on site manager. She was training the new girl Emily, who has been very nice. This woman (not Emily) told me that the cameras down there are phony. WHY WOULD YOU TELL YOUR TENANT THAT'''''' I'm not the type of person who participates in illegal activities but it does make me wonder how many other people know about these bogus cameras.

The deal with this place is that some of the units fall under a special reduced rent program based on your income that is financed through HUD or something. That being the case it is merely assumed that low income housing will attract low class people. This being said, I would hear loud music at night on the first floor and a very strong odor of marijuana almost nightly. How can you smoke so much weed that the entire floor would know' There were always people coming and going that did not live there, an obvious sign of drug dealing.

The place was dirty, but you can't blame management. They do the best they can to keep the place clean but there are people there who just don't care and leave garbage in the elevator, common areas, and garage. Several tenants' storage lockers have been broken into and most of the unassigned lockers are filled with trash that prior tenants have left behind. Someone also urinated in the elevator on 3 different occasions and someone also must have gotten into a fight in the entry way to the garage because the drywall looked like a 200 lb man was shoved into it.

The worst part is coming right up. My girlfriend was visiting from out of town with her 16 month old nephew and had to make several trips up and down to bring things in the boy in her arm. She mistakenly left the vehicle unlocked while making a trip and someone had the nerve in that short period of time to go into the wallet in her purse and steal her debit card, credit cards, and all gift cards. She did not even know about it until the banks started calling her about restricting access to her card for suspected fraudulent activity. Whoever took her cards went on a shopping spree and that person most likely lives in the same building or knows someone who lives there.


After reading this I weighed out the pros and cons.

People that sell drugs aren't always bad.
There may be some hot guys in the building (who maybe have some weed)
There's a pool
If I'm loud my neighbors probably won't call the cops
The neighborhood looks nice
There's a washer and dryer in the unit

People that sell drugs can be bad
I hate dirty people who litter
My car could get broken into and then I'd be pissed (not that there's anything in that piece of junk)
Management sounds like some pushovers who have no clue wasn't going on (which could be a pro unless it affects me of course)

So what do you think? Think I should keep looking?

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