Friday, May 7, 2010

The G life

I live in a semi-ghetto. My apartment is nice but there are these ghetto ass apartments behind my house and every day you can hear someone outside cussing, fighting, or playing with their Pitt bull. There's this one group of old dudes who find it productive to sit outside at a fold out table, from morning until night, playing cards and dominoes. My bedroom faces these apartments so the first thing I hard every morning is these guys arguing and sipping on their Colt 45.

Don't these people work? I need to go outside and find out their secret. I want to sit around all day drinking beer, playing cards, and still have a place to live. Maybe they can teach me their secret. Working is definitely overrated and these ol' boys seem to have the secret to the good life.

There is a rumor going around work that they are going to lay everyone off and close our offices down. If this happens then, I've got it made baby. One step down on my plan to becoming a G. Next step, secure unemployment so I can finance my laziness and then the rest is history.

I see sun and malt liquor in the future. Is there anything better than that?

1 comment:

  1. Go after that dream, baby! You, too can have it all.