Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Have you ever had one of those days where you feel really bitchy and you don't know why? Well that's me today. I don't even know why, I'm just in a really bad mood and everything annoys me.

The stupid guy on the phone who thinks his jokes are funny annoys me.

My cat trying to snuggle with me this morning and getting hair in my face annoyed me.

The fact that I had to run to the bank to get money to buy text books before work annoyed me.

The fact I had to work at all annoys the hell out of me.

For some reason my feet seem to be getting smaller and my favorite shoes now seem to be too big and that really annoys me because it doesn't make one bit of sense.

The fact that we have so many calls at work and they have not hired more people, making us work that much harder really annoys me.

I'm broke and that's super annoying...

Get the picture? Just having one of those days where everything and everyone is annoying as hell and I just want to go home and curl up with the new Charlaine Harris book but I can't because I wasted all my sick time...



  1. those days completely suck, that's when I come home, grab a beer, and don't talk to anyone...I'm about due for one of those days soon, been in a good mood lately LOL

  2. I got whatcha need. You need one of them stiff drinks and some downtime in the sunshiney. Um hm.