Monday, April 26, 2010

Im a addict.

I think i might be an addict. Not for drugs, or alcohol, or sex. Even though all three have made a cameo in the addict section of my life. But an addict for the written word. Sounds kind of gay right?

I'm serious though. I was thinking about it tonight. I read all the time. It's Sunday and I've read two books since Saturday morning. Pretty lame huh? What's even lamer is I have already read the books. I just remembered I loved them and decided to read them again.

Last summer I was working out all the time. I was trying to think about my mind set then and figure out what was so different than now. I can barely drag my ass to the gym now but last year i was so pumped to work out. So what's different?

I realized that last summer I barely read. Which is such a weird thing for me. I always have a book that i'm reading close by. It's like I went to rehab and discovered there were other joys out there than getting high. And now i've fallen off the wagon.

As I was laying in bed tonight, the analogy was too much for me to ignore and I had to blog about it. I am a book junky.

HI! My name is Lush and i'm and addict. It's nice to meet you.

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  1. I share you addiction to reading, and at times, it seems like the sex one, too.