Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Graduation is near

A week and a half left and I will be a collge graduate. I know this isn't one-in-a-million type thing, but it's kind of amazing to me. I'm throwing a huge party of course. Well actually my family is throwing it for me. I even took off work afterwards to make sure I recover. I can't seem to be able to drink like I used to. I try, and then I spend two days in bed, or throwing up everything I eat. I love my pancreas!

Anyhoo.. Here's the party details: We're having it at my brothers and he's cooking of course. I tried to tell him he didn't need to go overboard but it's like talking to a wall. He loves to cook and gets very frustrated when things don't come out right. We're also having kegs, and tents in the backyard, music, and games. I saw these people playing keg kickball at the zoo last summer and have wanted to try it since. It's basically the same as regular kick ball except you have to run with a cup of beer in your hand, chug it and refill it at second base. Should be fun for everyone.

The family will be there too and that should be an interesting mix of old people covering their ears from all the swearing, drunken kids, and loud ass rap music. Good times. I can't wait.

So yeah me! All i've got to do now is pass my damn math final and we're home clear! *fingers crossed*

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