Thursday, April 15, 2010


Day 4 of sobriety

There is this really annoying girl at my work and we have dubbed her CODE 9. Whenever a call comes in from a customer we have to "code our calls." We do this so "the man" can track who's calling and for what reason. So a customer calling about a balance inquiry would be Code 15, a balance transfer would be Code 16, an address change would be Code 12, and a limit increase would be Code 23. You get the picture?

Well, this girl is so unbelievably annoying that my two conspirators at work and I have dubbed her Code 9. See, this way we can warn each other when she's coming without hurting her feelings. Hey, I know it's not the nicest thing but I could care less. What is not nice is how she thinks it's okay to follow me to the break room on lunch and monopolize my lunch by telling me all about her stepdaughter's promiscuity. Or her gallbladder surgery. Or her upcoming wedding in very miniscule detail.

I understand these type of people need someone to talk to. All. The. Time. And hey, I'm not hating. Just as long as it's not to me. Work is a place where I am required to spend 40 hours a week talking to people and listening to people complain. All I ask is for a half hour a day to NOT TALK! Is that so bad??

She should start a blog. Then she could talk to her hearts desire. I wonder if anyone would read it?


  1. I think every office has characters of these sorts, ML. We have a middle-aged gal of ambiguous sexuality, short cropped red-hair, middle-aged, and large framed - like 6 feet tall. She is a vendor, and is therefore generally eyed cautiously anyway, and to make matters worse she is a compliance expert. She has a very pronounced accent. She is from To-ron-toe. The final syllable is very long, when she pronounces it. She is kinda freaky, and always adding uninteresting comments to conversations, and killing them with a shocking swfitness.

    Congratulations on another day of sobriety. Do some sit-ups as a reward ;)

  2. A Code 9? Jesus! Don't you know that you're supposed to evacuate the building when there's a Code 9????