Monday, June 8, 2009



No, I am not talking about what you think I am talking about…

First, I have been on this weight loss goal for the last 6 months and I am happy to report… Score!

I went to the doctor last week and I have lost 40 pounds. 40 pounds people!!!! That’s like a 10 year old being extracted from my ass! Unfortunately my pants actually look like I’ve dropped 40 pounds in them, and I feel like I’m swimming in them. Shopping trip!

Second, Kammie decided to have a little bar-b-que last week at our crib. I had already invited the Ex when Robbie and a few of my other friends informed me they were on their way. I warned them that I had invited the Ex, as it is MY HOUSE, and they said they were cool with it.

I was so nervous that gauntlets were going to be thrown down or something, but everything went pretty great. The Ex even brought his Wii over; which I had never played before. Bowling Rocks!

Robbie could not reign herself in all night unfortunately and ended up pouting (I’m not even kidding! The girl sat on the couch and frowned at me). Why? Because the Ex and I accidentally call each other pet names still and we don’t even notice it. It annoyed her. Whatever.

I am still pleased with the situation because my friends obviously understood that it was important to me. (I can’t hold it against Robbie. She means well) Score!

And lastly…. Weeds is on tonight!!!! Triple Score!!!!!


  1. awe congrats on the weightloss!! I too just dropped 45 lbs in the last year. Amazing how even just 10 make a difference!! Have fun shopping!!

  2. Congrats on 40 lbs!!! That's awesome!!!

  3. I love WII bowling too, I get too competitive though and no one wants to play w/ me anymore LOL Contrats on the 40 lbs too!