Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Few and far between

When I started my blog I used it as a way to get through a broken heart, and vent a lot of frustrations that my friends frankly, were tired of listening to. I have pretty much mended my broken heart and am now stronger than I ever was. So thank you bloggers for helping me get over all that crap.

But now I find myself in a little pickle. I definitely want to keep blogging, and I will, but I am so unbelievably busy now with school, friends, working out and getting hotter and hotter every day, and getting to know the Ex again, that I haven't had a lot of time to write. And i've been a little low on ideas too.

I could write about the Ex and our always dramatic relationship, but that's not always interesting to people. And my blog isn't exacly private so anything I write can be read by anyone, and a lot of it is not anyone's business. Especially nosy ex-girlfriends who have no life, and are obsessed.

This weekend Kammie and I are throwing a big party for the fireworks which is put on at a park right down the street from my house. I will post again after that and let you all know if I get arrested or not.

Until then, stay real. Love ya lots.



  1. July 4th is great, because what better an opportunity than to walk up and say you have a roman candle in your pants! Even funnier if a woman says it!

  2. sometimes people get burned out by their blogs and need to step back for a while. blogging should be fun and a way to vent and shouldn't feel like a chore. try taking a break and see how you feel.