Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A whole lotta nothing

I'm bored so I don't care if I don't have anything to say; I'm going to rant anyway. Deal with it.

*I can't understand why people call customer service and say that they are going to sue me. Seriously. I collect my paycheck on the 15Th and last day of the month and that's pretty much all I care about dude. Ooh, you're not scaring anyone.

*Ever since Grey's went off the air and summer looms near, I lose all interest because I just want to watch some good TV. Is that too much to ask? Thank god Weeds comes on June 8Th. I've ran out of things to read, there's no good TV on, and boredom is not a good thing for me.

*I know this is going to sound really shallow but I don't care. I was in the break room today and yet another person commented on my weight loss. Yeah! I'm not gloating but I am congratulating myself... and then kicking myself for letting it get that bad in the first place. Never again.

*I hate going to the bathroom in public places. It's so weird. Every time I'm at work and go to the bathroom, there's like 5 people in there. I don't mind when it's my friends but otherwise it freaks me out. I have no idea why.

*I came home the other day and there was a spider in my bed. I know, useless information but if I'm sitting here rambling then I have to add that one in. You know how I feel about bugs.

*I get these pains in my stomach all the time and I swear that I can tell when something bad is going to happen. One night someone robbed something from me and all day I was anxious and couldn't figure out why. And then BAM! It happens all the time. Maybe I'm gifted. (haha, special gifted right?)

*I have this really annoying habit of checking the time on my phone about every other second of the day. Even though there is a clock on my computer in front of me, I still find it necessary to check the time on my phone. And of course that makes the day go by that much slower but I can't help it. Does anyone else do this?

*I've seen twilight like 50 times. And I've read each of the books so many times I don't even know. I don't know why but I re-read them all the time. I used to do that with Harry Potter but now it's Twilight. My brain never stops, and I find it relaxing to focus my thoughts on reading instead of all the other stuff in there. But I run out of things to read, so I re-read things. Over and over again. Am I neurotic?

*I have no idea how this happened but I noticed there was a contact on my windshield today when I went to lunch. A contact! It was raining. Maybe it fell from the sky? God's nearsighted???

*I am actually starting to prefer the taste of Miller Light to Leinie's! Oh no, I'm going to hell. Did I actually just say that? Spite me down because I think I just did.

So I know this is a lot of rambling about nothing but it seems my A.D.D. is a little out of control. Thank goodness work is almost over and I can go work out all this energy on the elliptical.


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