Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teachers and beer bongs don't mix

For an assignment for school I am supposed to find a few court cases against teachers, and give my opinion on the outcomes. I need one more and can not find it on the stupid library database so I googled it. (Hey, google is the SHIT)

I came across this article that talks about a student teacher being denied her degree because of a picture of her on her Myspace page. The argument is that she is promoting underage drinking because she has a pirate hat on, is holding a can of beer, and the quote for the photo states, “drunken pirate.”

Ok, I understand that schools have to be careful of whom they hire, and that teachers have to be above reproach inside of school as well as out. But I think this is a little ridiculous. Nowhere is she “promoting” underage drinking. She’s obviously a grown adult enjoying a damn beer. People are too uptight.

The article then goes on to say how you should be careful of everything that you put on the internet because chances are it will never go away. This got me a little worried. You know, I’m going to school to be a teacher. If anyone ever reads my Myspace or even this blog I doubt I’d ever get hired.

I don’t think any school board would find beer bongs and apple pie shots adequate above-approach behavior.

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  1. I dunno, you teach geometry and physics at the same time. Like this: Given a 3' tube with a 1/2 diameter, how many cans of beer will it hold? (round to the nearest can). Or, why does the Guiness float on the Bass Ale in a Black & Tan? Bonus question: What is the beer used to make the Southern variation of the Black & Tan known as the Dirty Turtle?

    Please use a #2 pencil - make sure your answers are heavy and dark, and do not open your exam booklets before instructed to do so. Any questions? No? Then you mayb begin....