Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a quick laugh

I know I posted today but I have to write this quick before I forget. I always think of these funny ass ideas to write about and I always forget them.

So I work in Customer Service and I swear people say the funniest shit to me every fricking day! Case in point:

I was talking to this older lady today about her credit card. She wanted to dispute a transaction from some computer security program. The call ended up lasting over 20 minutes where she finally realized that the transaction was valid and she had renewed her subscription with this company. (I leave work everyday with a sore jaw because I spend all day wasting my breath on conversations like this.)

During our conversation she went off on this long spiel about how she had to call this company and of course she had to speak to someone in India because everyone is cheap and outsourcing. And god knows you can never understand those people, she says, so she doesn't even want to speak to them and pay this charge.

Then, she goes off on how the program doesn't work anyway and it's supposed to keep her computer safe but doesn't.... SO SHE MIGHT AS WELL WRAP 10 CONDOMS AROUND IT TO KEEP IT SAFE FOR GOD SAKES!

This woman was in her 70s! I couldn't believe that she said that. I get elderly people who bitch and moan and complain about everything under the sun, but referring to condoms is a new one for me. People are great.


  1. You always make me laugh, and your work stories are especially funny.

  2. Oh how I miss my customer service days...people are f*cking amazing.

    Crazy doesn't know age, sex, race, profession or social class...