Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am such a brat

I think I completely went a little overboard last night. But I just couldn't help myself. He HE.

I went out for Cinco De Mayo last night with the girls. Pedro's was hopping as it always is on tuesdays and thursdays. You know when you run into someone that you absolutely CAN NOT stand? Ya, that happened last night.

Loud ass is this girl that I know through the Ex. She's actually best friends with his girl. Lame. She came running up to me like I actually wanted to talk to her. She asked me for my phone number so she could return these books that she borrowed from me. The thought of this girl actually calling me made me puke a little in my mouth. I told her just to donate them to Goodwill. Louie almost spit out her Margrita all over bitches face she was laughing so hard. See, i'm a brat.

Then to top off the night, my friend Mouth showed up and we got to talking about old girl. He happened to mention that he knew the Ex's girl. Turns out they both get green from him! Ha, not if I can help it. So I took his phone and text her that she better not call me again(as if I was him) and that I didn't know she knew me so Peace out. See, i'm a brat.

O-M-G. Girl got so mad. Called me and him both crazy and instigated that I was stuck on the Ex! Ya, I absolutely 100% DO NOT THINK SO! Everyday I wake up and roll over in my huge bed, I smile and think how much I love my life now that I don't have some BOY trying to dictate my life. I truly am happy for them and I wish them all the best in the whole world.

Except for talking to my peoples. Sorry biatch, you ARE CUT THE FUCK OFF!!

See I told you I'm a brat!! Love you... xoxo

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  1. Hey you - I tagged you on my blog to answer/slash complete a meme. Are you up to it?