Monday, May 18, 2009

Holy shit! It can be done

So you know how I said it was impossible for me to be friends with an ex? Well I still hold to that mostly, but there can be amendments to that I believe. I know the next thing I say is going to sound very strange, especially since I talk mad shit about him on a regular basis, but I think I made cool with the Ex. Well, at least as cool as we ever are.

I know I said I wasn’t going to call him, and I didn’t, but I did send him a text letting him know that I apologize for being rude on the phone; he just shocked the shit out of me. I also said that I was happy and wasn’t interested in playing any games so…

I guess he was out of minutes so he called me back to see what I had said. Surprisingly, we actually had a nice conversation, free of all the hatred and bullshit we used to pull on each other in the past. It was like having a normal conversation. Ha! Seriously. Like before we moved in with each other and things went to shit.

He asked if I wanted to meet up and talk. Dum Dum Dum! I was a little tipsy and thought what the hell. I like to live dangerously. So I met up with him to see what he had to say.

He looks exactly the same and I look completely different. Better of course. So much better than it was nice to see the appreciation in his eyes, even though he’s always loved the way I look no matter what.

Ok, back to reality. We talked. Nobody went to jail or the emergency room, no one confessed their undying love (well, of course there’s still love but not undying or anything), and frankly, I feel relieved. Like a boulder has been lifted off my shoulders. We both apologized for all the horrible things we’ve done to each other, and agreed that we went about a lot of things the wrong way.

It was like having a grown up conversation. Weird. At one point he did ask me what I would do if he broke up with the Bitch, and wanted me back….

I smiled sweetly at him, put a hand on his knee and said, “Ex, I love you, I will always love you, but you are a horrible boyfriend and I will NEVER date you again. I don’t want to date anyone, but I definitely won’t date you. I mean here you are, sitting here with me, and your girlfriend has no idea where you are. I remember those days of sitting at home wondering where you were, and frankly, she can have the job.”

So all in all, I am optimistic that I can actually be friends with an ex. If it doesn’t happen and he reverts back to his bullshit ways, or I never hear from him again, cool beans, but at least I was adult enough to try.

Wow. I really feel like doing a beer bong or flashing someone right now; something immature to balance everything out. I am a firm believer in balancing things out if you couldn’t tell.


  1. Good for you! Here's to hoping that things will continue down that path and you can end up w/ a friend out of the whole ordeal! :)

  2. Wow. Sounds very mature. I really liked the way you laid it out for him. "she can have the job." Classis.

    I am to far away to flash, but can always email pics! hehe...just kidding.

  3. I just read your entire blog. you have made my morning go by so fast because I've been entertained. you remind me so much of myself. LOL