Thursday, May 28, 2009


*Day two of the contact on my windshield. I’m going to wait and see how long it takes to fall off. I know it’s just the most random thing ever.

Speaking of random…. I went out to SP last night to watch Robbie’s co-workers play volleyball at the bowling alley. (Yeah, we do that in WI) It was actually pretty fun except for the fact that my Ex from like 7 years ago was there with the girl he cheated on me with. She looks the same and he’s gained like 60 pounds! How random is it that after all these years, I run into them at a small town bowling alley of all places? I didn’t say hi of course. That wouldn’t have been fun. Instead I made sure to remain amazingly funny all night, had a blast, and completely ignored their presence. I mean, it’s not like we like each other or anything.

Then I met up with Louie and went out to a bar in Madison. We met this girl named Kelly and as we’re talking to her this creepy old ass guy walks up and starts hitting on her. When I say old I mean old. Like 60 or 70 years old. RANDOM! I asked her if she knew him and she had no idea. Louie of course stood up for her and this is what happened:

L: I’m sorry but do you know her?
Creepy: No (Opens his mouth and grins with these bigger than ever yellow dentures)
Then why are you talking to her? I don’t mean to be rude but do you mind?

At this point I stopped listening because I knew Louie could handle the situation. Creepy wanted a confrontation though and started getting in her face. I could not believe this. This old ass dude. I was not having this, especially after he fell into me.

Me: Excuse me! My friend asked you nicely to leave her alone. Are you deficient?
Creepy: You can’t talk to me like that I own this bar
Me: I don’t give an F*CK! Don’t talk to her like that
Creepy: I’m going to throw you guys out
Me: Who cares?
Creepy: Shut up fatty! (At this point I about punched this guy in the face. Senior citizen or not this guy almost got decked)
Me: Are you serious? You smell old. We can smell the formaldehyde coming out of your pores! If you don’t get out of my face…..

Then I was dragged away by Louie and like 2 guys because she knew shit was about to hit the fan. How random was that? This guy was like holding on to his AARP card and hitting on 20 years olds! I seriously thought I had seen it all.

And for the record: he didn’t own the place. He was just some creepy drunk. RANDOM!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A whole lotta nothing

I'm bored so I don't care if I don't have anything to say; I'm going to rant anyway. Deal with it.

*I can't understand why people call customer service and say that they are going to sue me. Seriously. I collect my paycheck on the 15Th and last day of the month and that's pretty much all I care about dude. Ooh, you're not scaring anyone.

*Ever since Grey's went off the air and summer looms near, I lose all interest because I just want to watch some good TV. Is that too much to ask? Thank god Weeds comes on June 8Th. I've ran out of things to read, there's no good TV on, and boredom is not a good thing for me.

*I know this is going to sound really shallow but I don't care. I was in the break room today and yet another person commented on my weight loss. Yeah! I'm not gloating but I am congratulating myself... and then kicking myself for letting it get that bad in the first place. Never again.

*I hate going to the bathroom in public places. It's so weird. Every time I'm at work and go to the bathroom, there's like 5 people in there. I don't mind when it's my friends but otherwise it freaks me out. I have no idea why.

*I came home the other day and there was a spider in my bed. I know, useless information but if I'm sitting here rambling then I have to add that one in. You know how I feel about bugs.

*I get these pains in my stomach all the time and I swear that I can tell when something bad is going to happen. One night someone robbed something from me and all day I was anxious and couldn't figure out why. And then BAM! It happens all the time. Maybe I'm gifted. (haha, special gifted right?)

*I have this really annoying habit of checking the time on my phone about every other second of the day. Even though there is a clock on my computer in front of me, I still find it necessary to check the time on my phone. And of course that makes the day go by that much slower but I can't help it. Does anyone else do this?

*I've seen twilight like 50 times. And I've read each of the books so many times I don't even know. I don't know why but I re-read them all the time. I used to do that with Harry Potter but now it's Twilight. My brain never stops, and I find it relaxing to focus my thoughts on reading instead of all the other stuff in there. But I run out of things to read, so I re-read things. Over and over again. Am I neurotic?

*I have no idea how this happened but I noticed there was a contact on my windshield today when I went to lunch. A contact! It was raining. Maybe it fell from the sky? God's nearsighted???

*I am actually starting to prefer the taste of Miller Light to Leinie's! Oh no, I'm going to hell. Did I actually just say that? Spite me down because I think I just did.

So I know this is a lot of rambling about nothing but it seems my A.D.D. is a little out of control. Thank goodness work is almost over and I can go work out all this energy on the elliptical.


Trailer Barbie

I have been having a block the last couple of days so instead of a full post, I'm just going to leave you with this....

Don't I look like Trailer Barbie???

Monday, May 25, 2009

She always makes me smile

For being broke I actually had an OK weekend. The lamest part about it is that today's Memorial Day and I'm at work while it's beautiful outside. It's not even busy here but of course, there's those few people that have to call about some stupid gift card, or they lost their debit card for the 100Th time. So someone has to be here to answer those calls. Lucky me, I'm one of them.

I got to see my Pickle this weekend and I thought I'd share a few pictures of how cute she is. Her hair is so long now.

At least her pictures put a smile on my face. She's going to be a force of nature when she gets older. Every time she sees someone she says, "hi" in the cutest voice, and everyone just melts.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lets be clear

I am seriously deficient. I know I can be really blond and it's nothing new but this really made me laugh and I had to share this with you. A couple of weeks ago I was laying around at Robbie’s house waiting for her to get home. I woke up from a nap and decided to put my contacts in. One of them felt like there was something still in it, so I took it back out and was going to wash it out again.

To be fair, I have to explain how I misunderstood. When I first started using contacts the doctor told me it’s not good to use different solutions. So that stuck in my head. I started using Opti-free replenish as the doctor recommended. But I got an infection in my left eye, and decided to switch.

My mom recommended using Clear Care because it has Hydrogen peroxide and cleans your contacts better. OK, I thought I’d try it. So on this day, I had been using this stuff for only a couple of days. Instead of reading the directions like a normal person, I just went ahead and followed what my mom said. “Put the contacts in the case, which is more like a basket than the regular flat contact cases, and make sure to leave them in for 6 hours.”

Ok, I can do that. I’m not retarded. Or so I thought. So when I had to re-rinse the lens, I reverted back to what the doctor said about not mixing the solutions. I took the Clear Care bottle and rinsed out my lens.

Holy loving mother of God did that hurt. I literally screamed like that kid on Home Alone and couldn’t get the stupid thing out! Rizzy ended up coming home and found me bawling like a baby. She got it out for me, bless her amazing heart, but my eye was seriously F-U-CKED up. And it was the left eye to top it off; the one I keep having problems with. My eye healed after a day or so but that experience definitely left a lasting impression.

So today I had put my contact in backwards, (the left one of course), my eye got all red and irritated again. A lady at work was asking me what kind of solution I use, so I Googled it and showed her the site.

Best part of the whole thing is that, as the site says, “One of the first things that tells you that Clear Care is different is the red ring around the bottle top. This “safety collar” is there as a reminder to you the Clear Care can burn or sting your eyes if you don’t use it the right way.”

What?! I just thought that stupid thing was a child seal or something.

“Never rinse lenses with Clear Care prior to inserting lenses into your eyes. Clear Care is a powerful cleaning and disinfecting solution that will burn and sting your eyes unless neutralized properly.”

Wow. I am really lame. I should learn how to read directions. You would think I would have learned my lesson when I was 17 and cooked a pizza in the oven with the cardboard still underneath. We had to stand around and eat it off the cardboard with forks.

I’m special.

The best day ever!!!!

You know those mornings where you wake up and the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you just can’t wait to get up and face the day? Yeah, today was not one of those mornings.

I woke up with the worst headache ever, probably due to the fact that the stupid birds wouldn’t shut up outside all fricking night, and I downed like ten different kinds of alcohol last night. I rolled out of bed and tried to get ready as fast as possible so I could run to moms and steal some Excedrin Migraine again. (It’s the only thing that helps and I’m too cheap to buy it myself. Stealing from mom is much more cost efficient).

I ended up puking in the sink while I was brushing my teeth. I hit my head on the wall in the shower after the neighbor turned on her water which caused mine to turn ice cold, and I left the house with no underwear on. (Not intentionally)

With 15 minutes to go before I had to be to work and still not at moms yet, I got stuck behind a guy on a lawnmower, couldn’t see because there was something in my contact and I realized my gas was on empty.

I ended up clocking in to work only a few minutes late but then I spent 10 minutes in the bathroom, which I’ll have to make up later, trying to figure out what was wrong with my contact. I had it in backwards.

So now here I sit with no underwear on, starving because I forgot to eat last night when I was drunk and didn’t have time to this morning, and I’m not even sure if I have enough gas to make it to the gas station after work.

Hmmm. I wonder if I’ve done anything wrong lately to deserve all of this. Ha! Silly rabbit. Of course I have.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Holy shit! It can be done

So you know how I said it was impossible for me to be friends with an ex? Well I still hold to that mostly, but there can be amendments to that I believe. I know the next thing I say is going to sound very strange, especially since I talk mad shit about him on a regular basis, but I think I made cool with the Ex. Well, at least as cool as we ever are.

I know I said I wasn’t going to call him, and I didn’t, but I did send him a text letting him know that I apologize for being rude on the phone; he just shocked the shit out of me. I also said that I was happy and wasn’t interested in playing any games so…

I guess he was out of minutes so he called me back to see what I had said. Surprisingly, we actually had a nice conversation, free of all the hatred and bullshit we used to pull on each other in the past. It was like having a normal conversation. Ha! Seriously. Like before we moved in with each other and things went to shit.

He asked if I wanted to meet up and talk. Dum Dum Dum! I was a little tipsy and thought what the hell. I like to live dangerously. So I met up with him to see what he had to say.

He looks exactly the same and I look completely different. Better of course. So much better than it was nice to see the appreciation in his eyes, even though he’s always loved the way I look no matter what.

Ok, back to reality. We talked. Nobody went to jail or the emergency room, no one confessed their undying love (well, of course there’s still love but not undying or anything), and frankly, I feel relieved. Like a boulder has been lifted off my shoulders. We both apologized for all the horrible things we’ve done to each other, and agreed that we went about a lot of things the wrong way.

It was like having a grown up conversation. Weird. At one point he did ask me what I would do if he broke up with the Bitch, and wanted me back….

I smiled sweetly at him, put a hand on his knee and said, “Ex, I love you, I will always love you, but you are a horrible boyfriend and I will NEVER date you again. I don’t want to date anyone, but I definitely won’t date you. I mean here you are, sitting here with me, and your girlfriend has no idea where you are. I remember those days of sitting at home wondering where you were, and frankly, she can have the job.”

So all in all, I am optimistic that I can actually be friends with an ex. If it doesn’t happen and he reverts back to his bullshit ways, or I never hear from him again, cool beans, but at least I was adult enough to try.

Wow. I really feel like doing a beer bong or flashing someone right now; something immature to balance everything out. I am a firm believer in balancing things out if you couldn’t tell.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Teachers and beer bongs don't mix

For an assignment for school I am supposed to find a few court cases against teachers, and give my opinion on the outcomes. I need one more and can not find it on the stupid library database so I googled it. (Hey, google is the SHIT)

I came across this article that talks about a student teacher being denied her degree because of a picture of her on her Myspace page. The argument is that she is promoting underage drinking because she has a pirate hat on, is holding a can of beer, and the quote for the photo states, “drunken pirate.”

Ok, I understand that schools have to be careful of whom they hire, and that teachers have to be above reproach inside of school as well as out. But I think this is a little ridiculous. Nowhere is she “promoting” underage drinking. She’s obviously a grown adult enjoying a damn beer. People are too uptight.

The article then goes on to say how you should be careful of everything that you put on the internet because chances are it will never go away. This got me a little worried. You know, I’m going to school to be a teacher. If anyone ever reads my Myspace or even this blog I doubt I’d ever get hired.

I don’t think any school board would find beer bongs and apple pie shots adequate above-approach behavior.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jizz in my pants??

Thursday night I went out with my friends to Pedro's on the West side. The boys were back from Virginia so we wanted to go out. Ended up meeting up with B and her boy. I actually did karaoke. Not fun I might add. It's much more enjoyable to watch I think than get up and sing. Which is probably pretty weird for me because I usually enjoy being the center of attention.

But the night ended up @ Robbie's and I had to best time I've had in 4-ever. Damn, I thought I was funny but B is a funny ass bitch. The two of us couldn't stop encouraging each other and I'm sure everyone was fucking amazed with what we were talking about.

For example, she started talking about this video where they Jizz in their pants! I thought she was talking about some sex ed video or some shit. No. She was talking about this....

She was never allowed to watch cable growing up. See what you do when you deprive your kids? They end up watching shit like this! Good job.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a quick laugh

I know I posted today but I have to write this quick before I forget. I always think of these funny ass ideas to write about and I always forget them.

So I work in Customer Service and I swear people say the funniest shit to me every fricking day! Case in point:

I was talking to this older lady today about her credit card. She wanted to dispute a transaction from some computer security program. The call ended up lasting over 20 minutes where she finally realized that the transaction was valid and she had renewed her subscription with this company. (I leave work everyday with a sore jaw because I spend all day wasting my breath on conversations like this.)

During our conversation she went off on this long spiel about how she had to call this company and of course she had to speak to someone in India because everyone is cheap and outsourcing. And god knows you can never understand those people, she says, so she doesn't even want to speak to them and pay this charge.

Then, she goes off on how the program doesn't work anyway and it's supposed to keep her computer safe but doesn't.... SO SHE MIGHT AS WELL WRAP 10 CONDOMS AROUND IT TO KEEP IT SAFE FOR GOD SAKES!

This woman was in her 70s! I couldn't believe that she said that. I get elderly people who bitch and moan and complain about everything under the sun, but referring to condoms is a new one for me. People are great.

The future for Madison Lush

God it's gorgeous outside. I've decided that I don't feel like working anymore. Ever. So, what should I do about money????

Good question that has an excellent answer! This guy I know was talking about how this girl got SSI for being stupid. Are you serious? People are getting paid for being stupid? I can do that.

I went to the SSI website to do a little research. Much better than doing my homework, don’t ya think?

But really, what are the requirements for receiving disability? The website states that you have to have a disability whether it is mental or medical. OK, we’re good so far. I always have some sort of medical problem. I’m sure they are looking for something long term, and with my luck I’ll have the Swine Flu before the month is out.

Even without a medical disability, I am more than a shoe in when it comes to the mental department. All I’d have to do is walk in to the competency interview and show them all the meds in my purse. The thing sounds like a baby rattle when you shake it.

And if that’s not enough, I can definitely provide character statements from many witnesses. My psychologist being one of them. Oh ya. I’d be approved for sure.

If this plan falls through though, I could always have a bunch of babies, go on welfare, get a cute trailer, and fix that shit up!

A girl can dream can’t she?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Unwanted and Unwelcome

I believe that last night is definitely one for the books. I stopped at Pedro’s after work to have some drinks with the girls. The atmosphere was completely different than it was the week before. Instead of Lil Wayne and Jay Z, the DJ was spinning crap and more crap. The worst part was the group of Rainbow Bright cult people doing karaoke to music that I can’t even name. I had to put my I pod on I was in so much pain. Ugh, keep that old happy shit at home please.

Thank goodness Robbie sprung me and we headed to Vintage for lots of Apple Pie shots. Yum Yum! We met up with D and headed out for breakfast after a bit. Robbie was in a horrible mood because of her BF so we left her and headed to my place. After some very satisfying Sex I went to the kitchen to get some water.

My cell phone was beeping so I checked my messages, and guess who called me at 3 am? The Ex! I have not heard from this boy since I dropped his ass off last year after he came over and cheated on his girl with me! Bam! Then he pulls a random and calls me in the middle of the night! I was so drunk and in shock that I told him I was busy with D and hung up on him.

He actually had the nerve to call back and leave me a message…. I had turned the phone on silent and climbed back into bed with D but we listened to it this morning and this is what the little F-ucker said:

Ex: "I wasn’t calling to hook up with you or get back together with you. I was just calling to see.. ah what you're doing and if I could get a ride. Obviously that was a mistake. Hit me up when you feel you need to talk to me. I don't know what's up with you. I don't know what's up with me. I'm drunk and... ok.. huh.. whats up..shutup..biatch.”

Boy is delusional.
Ok first: I am glad that's not what he was calling about but I didn't really think it was. I was just so shocked that he actually called me. And not even on private. Now I have his number. Not like I want it, but he always calls with the number blocked.
Next: Why would I need to call him? We haven't talked in almost a year. I pretty much got the hint that he had moved on.
Lastly: Last time he called me for a ride was the last time I saw him. He came over and we hooked up. Then I found out he had a GF and was living with her. You are correct in saying that asking for a ride was obviously a BIG mistake. Where's your girlfriend? Call her.

Now,If I was a lesser person I could take advantage of this situation. I'm sure ol' girl would not appreciate him calling me like that. But i'm not going to do anything. I don't know what he's playing at but I am really not interested.

*If him and his girl are fighting and he’s looking to make her mad or have some side entertainment: I’m not interested!
*If he misses me and just wants to get together and talk: I’m not interested
*If he wants me back: I sure as hell am not interested
*If he was just drunk dialing and needed a ride: I'm not a taxi and even if I was, your money is no good here.

I never wanted things to be like this between us. At one time I had actually cared for this kid. But his actions have pretty much made it impossible for us to even be civil towards one another.

Playtime is over honey.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

They let her out of her cage again!!

This is going to be a weird one but whatever. I keep starting these posts and then getting sidetracked so they’re only half completed. I’m just going to throw them together. Deal with it.


People are trying to cop my Wank Wank! What the hell is this? When I first started saying this, people thought that I was crazy.
"That's from two years ago Lush"
"I don't care, I'm bringing it back!"

And now that it's caught on, EVERYONE is saying it. Holy mother fucking cow. I know I am the shit and all but I have never been the one that people want to talk like. I mean, have you read my posts? Completely out of my mind, and sane people should know this.

Again, I can't claim Patton on this or anything, but this is a word that I have started using all the time. And now other people have started saying it. Ever seen Clerks II? I'm bringing it back!


I met a hottie... and OMG... I actually like him. Don't bust a nut it's not as exciting as all that but I will get to it in a second.

First off. Went to meet up with an old friend the other night for a drink. Let's call her Rican. Cause that's what she is. Haven't seen her in forever because she and Robbie have bad history. Being in the same room with them at the same time is as comfortable as waking up next to a random and not remembering their name.

I usually give guys a fake name when they hit on me.. You know, got to spice things up a little bit. Which I believe all girls do at one time or another. This particular evening I went with Martha and introduced Ghetto (well, I had called her something else but it’s too easy to guess so I’m going to change it up) as Patricia. No offense to anyone who might be named Martha or Patricia but they are names usually given to babies back in the day. I think that shit’s funnier than say, Jessica or Brittany. It’s gotta be funny people.

If you haven’t guessed, yes I scared them off like I do all guys I can’t stand talking to. OK, back to my point… Wait, what was my point? Damn, I’m rambling I need a Ritalin…

(30 minutes later) OK under control. Back to our regular scheduled program…..

So like I said... I met a hottie... But it's not as exciting as all that, let me explain.

Originally, I thought he (I had the hardest time coming up with a name for him so for now we'll call him D) was someone else when I first spotted him in the club. I guess I’ve known him since whenever when but for the life of me I can’t remember. Alcohol does that to you kids. Just Say No!

Boy was looking good so I told the girls I was gonna Mack. Poor guy must think I’m nuts. First came the flirting and initial attraction. Then I decided he just had to come home with us which ended up turning into a big fight between me and Robbie. Why? Because there wasn't enough room in the car and instead of listening to her when she said she'd drop people off and come back, I thought she was hating! Being the gentleman that he is, D overlooked the screams and the tears and got us to the crib. You can guess what happened next.

Now when I say “I like him,” I am referring to the fact that I wouldn’t mind hanging out again. Not like “OMG I totally have a crush” kill me now “like.” I know how bored I get so let’s not get all excited here. It’s always fun to meet new people though, don’t ya think?

**Oh, and side note.. I mentioned that I was writing about him on here and when I saw him last night he pulled out his Iphone and showed me he'd checked it out. On one hand, that's kind of sweet right? On another, now I can't write bad things about him on here right? Just kidding. I would never do anything like that.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Thanks for the Memery
(stolen from Depresso)
1. What are your current obsessions? Healthy food and school

2. Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often? My Silver jeans or my Victoria Secret Hoodie

3. Last dream you had? I was a gun runner

4. Last thing you bought? Miller Lite (can't drink Honey Weiss until I get rid of my beer belly)

5. What are you listening to? My IPOD

6. If you were a god/goddess who would you be? There are three possible: Alethia: the Goddess of Truth.
Amphictyonis she was the Goddess of Wine, and of Friendship Between Nations
Caligo:Called the mother of Chaos

7. Favourite holiday spots? Vegas, and hopefully someplace tropical

8. Reading right now? Patricia Briggs Cry Wolf, Charlaine Harris Dead and Gone, and Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice

9. Four words to describe yourself. Drunk, Crazy, Loyal, Amusing

10. Guilty pleasure? Messing with people.. I love to antagonize

11. Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak? Myself.. I'm a funny bitch

12. Favourite spring thing to do? Running with the dogs or without, reading in the sun, securing my house from bugs for the season(weird i know but necessary)

13. When you die, what would you like people to say about you at your funeral? Damn, how are we ever going to have fun again now that Crunk Dale is gone?

14. Best thing you ate or drank lately? Turkey burger and organic strawberries.. yum yum

15. When did you last go for a night out? Tuesday!!! Cinco de Mayo

16. Who is your idol if you have one? My Grandma for always being there. Jenna Jameson for doing the damn thing. Barack Obama for being an actual man of integrity and hope. Me, for always getting back up no matter what and brushing that off.

17. Care to share some wisdom? Don't ever date anyone 21 or under. And laugh at everything. Makes life more fun!

18. Song you can’t get out of your head? Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas

19. Thing you are looking forward to? The weekend and BEER

20. Which disease or condition would you most like to see eradicated? Getting old

21. What is your most irrational fear? Bugs.. and it's not irrational. Those things are the devil incarnated

22. Who are your favourite comedians? Lisa Lampinelli, Chris Rock,

Rules of the game. Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog. Replace one question. Add one question. Tag 6 people.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am such a brat

I think I completely went a little overboard last night. But I just couldn't help myself. He HE.

I went out for Cinco De Mayo last night with the girls. Pedro's was hopping as it always is on tuesdays and thursdays. You know when you run into someone that you absolutely CAN NOT stand? Ya, that happened last night.

Loud ass is this girl that I know through the Ex. She's actually best friends with his girl. Lame. She came running up to me like I actually wanted to talk to her. She asked me for my phone number so she could return these books that she borrowed from me. The thought of this girl actually calling me made me puke a little in my mouth. I told her just to donate them to Goodwill. Louie almost spit out her Margrita all over bitches face she was laughing so hard. See, i'm a brat.

Then to top off the night, my friend Mouth showed up and we got to talking about old girl. He happened to mention that he knew the Ex's girl. Turns out they both get green from him! Ha, not if I can help it. So I took his phone and text her that she better not call me again(as if I was him) and that I didn't know she knew me so Peace out. See, i'm a brat.

O-M-G. Girl got so mad. Called me and him both crazy and instigated that I was stuck on the Ex! Ya, I absolutely 100% DO NOT THINK SO! Everyday I wake up and roll over in my huge bed, I smile and think how much I love my life now that I don't have some BOY trying to dictate my life. I truly am happy for them and I wish them all the best in the whole world.

Except for talking to my peoples. Sorry biatch, you ARE CUT THE FUCK OFF!!

See I told you I'm a brat!! Love you... xoxo

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wank! Wank!

New Favorite Word:
Wank Wank

I absolutely love saying this now. If you think about it you can apply this to almost any situation, whether good or bad.

Example: A person is being an ass.. you answer "wank wank"
A person tells you they love you.. you smile and answer "wank wank"
A person asks you out on a date and you're not interested.. your response "wank wank"

And so on....
Try it. Even if you're being a jerk saying it I bet it puts a smile on your face.

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit but I've been super busy (read: lazy). The boys are gone on their trip again so I'm staying @ Robbie's with her. I don't usually mind staying there but I always miss my kitties. We've had a few parties there but nothing over the top. Robbie's co-worker Rizzy(not her real name of course) has moved in for a little bit and I've found a new friend in her. She's only 19 but she's still pretty cool. It's her birthday tomorrow so I took her down to the Vintage Saturday night. Of course she got her fake taken because it didn't look anything like her but only after they double carded her. I remember being under 21. What a lame ass time that shit was!

Acker thinks she is slick and surprised me by having Louie there so we could talk. I appreciate the gesture and I agree that I do miss her at times but I'm still weary. She's been one of my oldest friends forever so that's the only reason I'm giving her another chance. I still don't like her reasoning though so I'm definitely being careful. When I asked her why she didn't tell me right away that dude was blowing up her phone and they were spending time together, her response was, "why should I, you aren't my PO?" What kind of answer was that? Seriously! Wank Wank!

I've been hurt by people so much that I am just not willing to take anymore chances. Just because we differ in our opinion doesn't mean she can't respect my feelings. So I believe distance may be necessary. I can't help it if I seem cold. Defensive mechanism automatically kicks in.

So to end on a good note.....