Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Losers and their audacity

OK. I am going to apologize ahead of time because this post is going to be a bitch the fuck out post! Seriously! I am almost irate.

So I was watching some show tonight and decided to text Danny. That's the Ex's ex girlfriend. Her and I are actually really cool and she's coming up here this summer to party for a couple of days. I sent her a message and told her how I had messaged the Ex the other day letting him know about his cat and to ask if he could take my pictures of me off his Myspace. I've asked him this numerous times and still they are on there. There are no pictures of his girl. Just pictures of me. I am not even his friend on there anymore. I deleted his ass as soon as I regained brain function.

But I was feeling nice the other day and sent him a very nice message. Truthfully. I was nice. But now I am pissed. He specifically told her not to tell me that he had text her. LIKE I FRICKING CARE!!

What makes me so mad is that not once have I tried to contact him. I haven't wanted to. He's moved on and he's with his dirty hoe. Cool beans. Have a nice life. Peace the fuck out.

But don't go around telling people NOT to tell me that you've talked. Like I'm going to stalk him or something??? He's the one who asks about me when my family runs into him at his place of employment.... McDonald's. Yeah buddy.

I have moved on. Lost weight. Had a few one night stands and broken a few hearts. Got contacts and joined the Gym. Went back to school and am getting A's. Does that sound like a person hung up over a little boy?

NO! I know I shouldn't even get angry about this but it pisses me off. Like I'm sitting around pining for him or something. This was his problem while we were dating. He had such a high opinion of himself that he did whatever he wanted. YOU MEAN FUCKING SHIT TO ME DUDE. Take your attitude and go fuck your nasty trailer trash girlfriend.

.... That's all I'm going to say about that. This just goes to show... don't ever let your guard down. Once a loser, always a loser.

That's my new motto and I'm sticking to it.

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