Monday, April 20, 2009

Me and Tiny Tim

I am sick again. If you didn't get that the first time please let me repeat it for you. I AM SICK AGAIN.

Seriously. We took my niece to the zoo this weekend and she caught something from some kid at her daycare. Now her, my brother, his fiance and me are all sick. I don't know how I think I'm going to be a teacher when I can't even be around my own niece without getting germs. And you know kids are carriers for anything and everything you could possibly ever get. That's just asking for it right there.

I'm just so shocked because I just got done being sick and now here we are again. People at work keep asking me what's wrong and I hesitate to even tell them. I think I've caught an eye roll of two out of a couple of them when I tell them I am sick again. Like it's my fault. Sometimes I feel like one of those sickly kids who always have some sort of problem because their mom couldn't lay off the sauce while she was preggo.

Or Tiny Tim. Isn't he the little boy who was always on the brink of death or something? And it's always something weird with me too you know? First my gall bladder(and who the heck gets their gall bladder taken out at 24), a spider bite where I become allergic to spiders, a broken toe/foot/ass.. whatever. If it's something that can be broken I am sure I'll eventually break it.


I am going home and swallowing a bottle of NyQuil, drinking some soup, swallowing some vitamins and going to sleep. I WILL GET RID OF THIS! Being sick is NOT HOT!


  1. i would imagine the first year you would be sick a lot, and after that your immune system would get stronger and stronger. Of course my 2nd grader got me sick over the weekend, so what the hell do I know? Nyquil plus a sleeping pill, and a fever make for some wicked dreams, though.

  2. Oh, and when I first read the title I didn't know if this was a reference to your Ex or some guy who was the opposite of the Mammoth man.

  3. Nyquil is my cure all. Good luck w/ that. The hubs was up puking all night w/ the flu so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get it too. Ick.

  4. Aww, I'm sorry that you're sick! I feel your pain about the gallbladder thing... except for I found out about my thyroid disease when I was 22. What 20-something develops a thyroid disease!? Those are for old ladies! ;-)