Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crazy is as crazy does

Well Bad Girls has reached an all time status of: out of control. Or maybe it just seems that way because I've been so chill lately. It used to be that if there was craziness it just meant it was another day ending in Y.

What started out to be a kind of dull night ended up becoming one of the all time craziest Bad Girls ever. Well, maybe not crazy like do a bunch of beer bongs and hook up with a random dude crazy. Hey, I'm not talking about me here. I would NEVER do anything like that... (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) But crazy like being in the mental hospital from 12 Monkeys crazy.

First we started off with a little innocent trip downtown to my friend Mouth's. That's obviously not his real name but I'm going to call him that because he has such a smart ass mouth. If you're reading this I told you I was going to call you out on here. Shouldn't be such a little smart ass should ya?

Anywho, that ended up moving us around to a couple of different places until we all ended back up at the Crib. I know we were not that loud, or at least not as loud as were usually are. And there was only like 7 people there so no big deal right?

Well it probably wouldn't have been if drama hadn't popped off. After I went to bed, I was awoken by screaming coming from my roomies room. Now Kammie is my Ride or Die and I love her to death, but I seriously gotta shake my head sometimes. She was laying down with one of our friends, just laying down mind you, when her boyfriend decided to stop over at 5 am and try to climb in her window.

Hold up. Let's just count the things that are wrong with this picture:

1. she told him not to come over and she wasn't home so why is he just stopping by like he owns the place?
2. why isn't her window locked knowing that he does this kind of crap (trust me, not the first time we've caught him outside. creepy? I agree)
3. boy definitely needs to learn some boundaries
4. after he opens the window and flips out, he stands outside screaming at her and then our friend who was laying there starts fighting with him

If this isn't bad enough, our upstairs neighbor who already hates us comes stomping down the stairs, pounds on our door and starts screaming at Kammie. Here's a little replay:

Kammie: I'm so sorry
bitchy lady from upstairs: i have a 5 year old and you woke him up
Kammie (high as hell): i know I'm so sorry
bitchy lady from upstairs: i tolerate a lot from you guys but this is out of control
Kammie (still messed up): i know I'm so sorry someone just came screaming at our window
bitchy lady from upstairs: uugghh! (stomps away and all the way upstairs)

While all of this is going on I'm laying in my bed like WTF. I just fell asleep, i have PMS, and now I'm PISSED. I woke up and went in her room and almost climbed through the window at him. He ran away of course.

So now not only is my house an asylum for drunks and debauchery galore, we have now crossed over into "the neighbors everyone hates!" Great, now I can't even get my mail when people are around. They think this is bad they are REALLY going to hate us this summer! Poor people. I almost feel bad for them. Maybe they'll move away. Here's hoping.

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  1. Hmm, that sucks! After a while people forget things, and the lady upstairs does sound bitchy! I hope you will feel better now that the long weekend is here :)