Monday, April 27, 2009

The captain has left the building

Everyone has that one alcohol that no matter how many times they drink it something happens. I actually have a few of those as I'm an emotional person and tend to take things to the extreme. Naturally.

My kryptonite used to be vodka. People actually refused to hang out with me while I was drinking vodka because it seemed anyone in the vicinity ended up with collateral damage. I can handle vodka now. Mostly. A few incidents here and there but nothing major.

During my most wild days, Kammie and I used to guzzle Captain by the bottle. A piece. I love a girl who can keep up with me. But unfortunately the Captain seems to be too much for me and has now crossed over into kryptonite status. Truthfully I guess anything you consume in excess could be labeled in that category.

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Case in point: Saturday afternoon... Mccants, Acker and I got a bottle of Captain and decided to have a few drinks. Which turned into the whole bottle. Which turned into me crying, bitching, laughing, and any other possible emotion.

I really hate it when I act like an ass. I even woke up drunk. Good times. The bad part about the whole thing is the traveling. I decided to relocate to Robbie's who had guests. Nothing like telling off a bunch of people for being at your best friends house that they need to leave cause they, and I quote, "are maxing on my bestie time. So step off." I'm special. I never matured past first grade.

I think I'm going to stick with Leinie's for awhile. Especially when I'm associating with the general public.


  1. I love the relocating part. I always get like that. Like, no matter where I am, there's apparently somewhere else that's much better.

    My vice is texting. Cliche, I know, but I'll text like a sonofabitch when I get buzzed. Thankfully its nothing offensive but I get touch with my emotions.

    At least with texts you can read them over in the morning and attempt at damage control. I usually dread looking at my phone though.

  2. For me, it was Ouzo(or Sambuca - basically the same stuff). I love it.

    Have you and your pals ever played "shot fights?" Was a game we played back in the day. Two players, first person who throws up, passes out, or quits loses and pays for all the contest drinks.

    Toss a coin. Winner goes first. Winner chooses a shot, say well brand tequila. Down the hatch. Wait about 5 minutes, next person calls the shot, say 151. Wait 5 more minutes. Good closing drinks are really sweet nasty things, like Galliano, Midori, or the ever popular balck licorice smelling and tasting Ouzo.

    Happy gaming.