Monday, April 13, 2009

Barbie and Ken

So you know the age old question: do blonds really have more fun?

I was having a talk with Acker this weekend and she brought up the fact that the blond waitresses at her work seem to get more tips than her even though they have zero personality.

So is it their hair that is the appeal? I have blond hair and I can personally say that there are perks to being blond, but there are also stereotypes that are associated with blonds as well. We've all heard or personally referred to a blond as a ditz because of the color of her hair. I have even made fun of myself before saying things like, "wow, I am really blond today," or "duh duh duh.. the blond is popping out!"

The bad thing about this though is that not all blonds are ditsy or stupid; I am going to school to be a teacher. I can be a little flighty sometimes but that's just me. It does not refer in any way to my hair color.

Like I said there can be perks that come with the color of your hair. Some people just love blonds. Friday I went to the Brewers game in Milwaukee with Escamilla. I don't even like baseball that much but I enjoy any place that is filled with drunk people having a great time. And that's exactly how it turned out. I was even doing beer bongs in the parking lot and shots of Jack. (yes, I was faded on the way home.) The Brewers won and it was super fun to cheer them on. Best game I've ever been to.

While we were walking to Friday's in the stadium, some guy did a double take. Double take: when someone looks at you and then looks again cause they can't believe how hot you are. It was funny. Haven't had that happened in quite awhile. Makes a girl feel pretty good. (oh, and did I mention all the supremely HOT guys at the game? Forget the bar, sporting events are THE place to meet hotties. We even met these guys who took us out to dinner in the penthouse bar at the Hyatt.)

Moral of the story: It really isn't the color of your hair that makes you a fun person. For guys that think that, let them have their boring time with Barbie. You don't want a Ken doll anyway.


  1. So is the new theme song for the RGB "Take me out to the ball game"?

  2. Agreed! We don't want some Ken doll! Blondes do have more fun and I can testify that we aren't all dumb. And I've known my fair share of dumb burnettes! :)