Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm lovin' it!

As I was sitting here at work, tired as hell after a night of Bad Girls, I just realized the the Exe's birthday has passed and I didn't even notice. I guess that's one way to know you are finally over someone. Truthfully, yes I will always hate him in a way for how he treated me but I believe he is EXACTLY where he needs to be. And that's working at McDonald's and living with HER, which is probably the same place he'll be in ten years.

Now that's what I call Karma!

Speaking of Karma, as I said, Bad Girls went out with a BANG last night! Even though Acker ditched us to go to the bar with Louie's shady ass, (don't ask it's just lame drama) Robbie, Kammie, and I had a fantastic time which included going to the strip club and seeing some beautiful ladies do their thing, Taco Bell where I actually got served, and a celebratory beer bong that knocked me on my ass.

Good times.

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