Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things that annoy the crap out of me


* when people blow up your phone even though you tell them you will call them back

* slow drivers in the fast lane

* the girl at work who has the most annoying lisp and chooses to sit next to me everyday

* Dora the Explorer. Whoever came up with that cartoon is stupid.

* people who wander away from you at the bar like you don't have anything better to do than look for them

* people that stare

* when people ask me for a cigarette and then don't believe me when I tell them I don't smoke. like everyone in the world smokes or something. Yeah, no thanks.

* my upstairs neighbor who bangs on the floor if we make any noise even though her bratty kid runs back and forth every morning @ 6am and it sounds like we may have to roll out of bed and hit the deck at any given time

* those dumb girls on the Bad Girls Club who think they're hard. Seriously. Sit down.

* the fact that bugs exist

* my management company. there is water leaking from the ceiling. fix it.

* Steven Segal movies and any of those stupid spoof movies. Sorry. Not funny.

* when people touch me. there's no need for it so don't do it. period.

* persistent guys that won't get a clue

* when people talk to me when I'm trying to read. GO AWAY.

OK there's more but I just realized that this list is pretty much an accumulation of how much PEOPLE annoy me.

Hmm. I think I need to work on this. Think Happy thoughts.

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