Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taming the attitude

Okay. I am really freaking out here. And for the completely wrong reasons too.

How is it possible that someone is actually being nice to me and treating me with the respect I most definitely deserve and I'm freaking the hell out? Seriously. I can't even process it.

I guess it's kind of like what they say happens to animals after they've been abused or neglected. They shut down, and any act of kindness seems suspicious. Yep, that's me for sure. I'm more likely to take your head off than accept that what your offering is the truth. (Keep in mind, none of this applies to my friends. Besides my family, my friends are the only ones i trust or don't remotely question in any way)

So what to do? Really there is only one logical solution. Try like hell to resist my natural impulses to pull away, lose interest, or attack.

Ya, that's right. I sometimes get the urge to attack. Mostly verbally but you get the picture. When we're in a bar and a guy comes up to me.. well this doesn't happen a lot because as as Robbie says, I have Bitch written across my forehead... but when it does, I usually have some smart ass thing to say to them. And don't even get me started on guys that put there hands on you.


I'm sitting at the bar minding my own business when dude walks up and puts his hand on my arm/back/shoulder

Me: "Woah buddy! Do I know you?
Creepy loser Guy: No
Me: Why the hell is your hand on me then?
Creepy loser guy: I just wanted to say hi
Me: Say hi with your mouth not your hands and I'm not interested so go away
*creepy loser guy stalks away*

I know it takes a lot to approach someone in a bar and come up with a good line so they are interested and blah blah. I understand this. But DO NOT put your hands on me. I HATE it when people touch me. Especially creepy old guys who are old enough to my father and have no business talking to me anyway. Grow up. You're sleazy.

But I think maybe, let's call him Leo, may just be able to handle it. It really takes a strong man to keep up with me and the girls, that's for sure. As he said last night when Robbie and I showed up at the bar, "wow, this is the first time you two haven't come with the whole entourage. Every time I see you I meet at least 7 new people." Ya he's exaggerating a little but what can I say? I got a lot of friends.

But I'm going to try a little experiment and see if maybe I can tame the lioness down and not bolt for the door or tear the gazelles head off. Here's hoping it works.

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  1. Good for you for trying to accept someone who treats you well! Good luck!