Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On a power trip

I work in customer service, as I've probably said before, so whenever I go somewhere and the service SUCKS, it really pisses me off.

Last night, Mccants, Kammie, and I were out being crazy and decided we absolutely NEEDED Taco Bell. Now, the last time we went there, if you can remember, Mccants ended up wearing the food, and me and Kammie ended up duking it out in the parking lot.

We're cool peoples.

This time though, we were getting along fine and there wasn't a line around the damn block like there always is on Friday and Saturday nights. I was a little tipsy of course so when we pulled up to order our food, I ended up cussing a little bit every other word. Now, I wasn't cussing AT the guy. I was cussing at the girls and maybeee a little cuss word in between ordering the food.

Stupid Taco Bell guy: can I take your order?
Me: hold on please
Stupid Taco Bell guy: hello? can i take your order?
Me: dude, I said hold on.. what the fuck do you girls want?
Stupid Taco Bell guy: ma'am we aren't going to serve you if you swear
Me: excuse me? I'm not swearing at you dude, what the fuck?
Stupid Taco Bell guy: I warned you not to swear now we aren't serving you
Me: are you serious? OK, I'm sorry, even though this is a free country and I WAS NOT TALKING TO YOU, I'll apologize, can I PLEASE have a ...
Stupid Taco Bell guy: *silence*
Me: hello? hello? HELLO!!!

No fricking answer. I drove up to the window and he looked at me and would not open the window. So because he heard me swear in MY car, he denied me service. So no Taco Bell for us. AGAIN.

Writing this right now, I still can't believe that that happened. Even though it's a stupid .89 cent burrito, I feel that this little twerp needs to be brought down to size. Who does he think he is? The Soup Natzi?

Come on! Utterly ridiculous.

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  1. Oh hell no! Noone comes between me and my taco bell. Damn those teenagers and their power.