Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still a little girl

One of my favorite shows is Nip/Tuck. Robbie and I used to watch the first season religiously but we sort of fell off on season two and then I've only tuned in since then sporadically. But I have gotten into watching it again this season and have started renting the previous seasons from the library to get caught up.

(I have trouble sleeping at night so I like to rent movies and shows from the library to watch while I'm laying in bed trying to sleep.)

Last night was one of these nights and I was watching the season finale of season two. If you're not familiar, during season two there is a killer named the Carver going around slicing up people's faces while they sleep and in this episode christian wakes up to find the Carver standing over him and ends up getting cut as well.

I love this show but man do I hate shit like this. One of my biggest fears of all time is waking up and finding some crazy stranger in my room or my house. Seriously. I know almost everyone worries about this at one point and time, but I worry about this EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

I know it's crazy but I can't even sleep with my window open. My paranoia about this is almost getting to be as bad as my fear of bugs.

Yeah I know, a lot of people are afraid of bugs. But this is almost out of control. Truthfully I would probably be the best exterminator in the whole world if I wasn't so afraid of them. I can spot a bug almost anywhere. Truthfully, it's the first thing I do when I walk in a room. My eyes are constantly aware of black specs and little moving things.

And yes, I'm aware I can be a little excessive and I have been told this many times by many different people but I really don't care. They're nasty and creep me the hell out.

And the warmer it gets outside the more freaked I get. I haven't seen any this winter but you know those suckers are out in the summer with their little pinchers, and numerous legs. YUCK!

Hmm. OK I think I just crossed over into crazy. Back to reality.

So anyhoo... the window.. creepy stalker crazy people... yeah that's really reality right?

I think this is something I'll bring up in therapy on Friday. Yeah, I think that's a great idea.

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  1. Weird strangers scare me, too. I heard an interview over the weekend with the man who tightrope ealked bewteen the twin towers when they were first built, and they asked him if he was scared of anything. I loved his answer "Animals with too few or too many legs" he went on to explain that he meant snakes and bugs.