Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pop goes the feeling

So you know how I've completely lost interest in the opposite sex? No? Well I do.

I was at "Robbie's" the other night and I must have been delusional or something because I actually started missing the Ex. Yeah, LAME! So I took a sleeping pill and knocked my ass out, and woke up in reality. Mmmm much better.

But for the smallest moment this weekend, I had two little bursts if interest pop up in my stomach and for a second I actually thought about it. I was so happy to be feeling something again that I was almost dizzy with it.

But, then it went away. I am a little discouraged by this but not too much. I really don't want a boyfriend anyway. Seriously. I sat at home and watched the UFC fights last night and painted my toe nails, and to me, that's heaven. Don't need a man interrupting my heaven anyway. (oh, and I was really disappointed in Joe "daddy" Sevenson. He got his a$$ kicked. This is ultimate fighting . NOT BOXING. Use your legs too buddy)

I was reading a post today from Little Fish at where she writes about her perfect man. Here's mine:

Taller than me but not too tall. Dark hair and blue eyes. Gorgeous cocky smile. Good sense of humor. Doesn't tell me what to do. Gives me just enough space. Trustworthy. Honest.. to a point. (a little lying never hurt nobody) Interesting and creative. Has a job and a car. (no more of this dating men who are losers) loves my family even though they are crazy and loud and sometimes drive you nuts. Loves my friends and respects that they come first. Smart, but not smarter than me. Likes to go out and stay at home. Doesn't mind if I'm lazy sometimes but can handle me when my ADD is off the wall. Good fashion sense. No stupid ex-girlfriends who buzz around trying to cause trouble! (This is the biggest thing here. I am tired of men who think its flattering to have women fight over them. Please! If we did that we'd be cussed out. Grow up)

So I'm sure there could be more but basically this is just a overview. I'm not saying that I have to have someone exactly like this. Obviously no one is perfect and this is not a fantasy land. BUT wouldn't it be cool if it was?

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