Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mirrors often lie

I find it fascinating when someone tells me about myself that should be common knowledge. Especially to me. But I guess we can't see ourselves as clear as others can.

I know I have a way of being brutally honest. Trust me. I'm aware of it. But once in awhile, someone will say something to me about my personality or something I said while I was drunk, and if actually still catches me off guard.

Tonight while we were watching Bad Girls Club, Acker (name has been changed due to the request of the individual) pointed out to me that I if it were ever to come to a fight between the two of us, she would win. Well, of course she would because she has more strength. I was having a hard time dealing with this, so she decided to admit to me that, intellectually, I kick ass.

And ya, I am smarter than them, but that's not all she is referring to. I guess I have this way of "bringing people down to size" as she puts it, that is quite fascinating that I had no idea I even do.

Supposedly, I have this way of saying things to individuals that can be sort of bitchy, true, and honest all at the same time. She says sometimes I will say something and not even realize it, and either will the other person until ten minutes after I've finished speaking.

Damn! I was not aware of this. Sometimes I know I can be kind of sarcastic, and of course I know I have a way of talking shit as effectively as possible with as little words necessary to get my point across. But I wasn't aware that it was something that other people knew me for.

Acker says it's my way of intellectually beating ass.

I hate to say it but maybe I'm just hanging around with a bunch of deficient ass bitches. Actually, that last statement just proved her point. Holy shit! I'm an ass sometimes. Crazy.


  1. I'm an ass sometimes too. I like to bring out my inner bitch every now and then and put people back where they ought to be. :)

  2. hahaha I think it's always interesting to discover things about yourself. i'm glad you don't seem as though you'll change anything for what you hear. kudos for keeping it real :)

  3. you do have a way of putting people in their place. some people can't handle the facts. if you can't handle the heat... kick rocks! :)