Friday, February 6, 2009

Juke it out

I have been a little absent again lately. I went to work on sunday, asked to take 30 mins to lay down and take a pain pill and ended up sleeping for 3 hours. So I obviously needed some more rest. So another week off of work. Really using up all of that PTO right off the bat aren't I?

And I haven't exactly been being good either. Tuesday was bad girls club night of course so I had all the girls over to eat sushi, drink wine and laugh our asses off at that shit.

Afterwards, me, Kammie, and Kayla went out to the bar to have a little fun. Which turned into bad girls club for real! Here I am making out with the bartender...

And ya, if you've noticed the grey hair, you would be correct. He was a little older. Hmmm... can we say drunk goggles?

Then we were all in a great mood laughing and having a great old time...

And yes, I know I look like I downed a whole bottle..

Somehow, me and Kammie decided to start arguing about god knows what. And the next thing I know, we are japping out in Taco Bells parking lot. Beat the shit out of each other.

How did this happen when we look so happy earlier in the evening? Who knows.
But to diffuse the situation, I decided we should do some beer bongs when we got home and call it even. And so we did.

They should really follow us around with a camera and call it bad girls club. It'd definitely be more real.

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