Monday, February 16, 2009

Impatient as hell

I am in serious pain. Why? Because I'm an idiot and I can't seem to allow my self time to heal like normal people. I blame it on the A.D.D. I really do. If I even miss taking my Ritilin a day, it's like a crackhead without their fix. I can't even sit still. And the worse part is, people notice.

Saturday night was Kelso's last day before she is shipped off to the army. (Why do people want to do this? I seriously don't understand but I guess that's just me) So me, Mitch, and Kayla met up with Woody, her BF, and Kelso of course for a few drinks at the Crave.

Once the DJ came on I just could not sit still so of course I was up on the dance floor. Unfortunately I woke up yesterday with my stomach feeling like it did the day after surgery. I ran out of Vicodin but I had the prescription in my purse but just got it filled this morning. So pain all day yesterday, pain all last night, and pain all this morning.

I called the doctor on call last night to make sure I didn't fuck that shit up completely and they said I might have ripped the glue (yeah, they didn't use stitches, they glued me back together internally, creepy huh?) or I just might be sore. But today the pain is like burning. Like someone is holding a hot poker to the inside of my stomach.

Nice huh? Yeah I'm a retard. But I'm not the kind of person who sits on their ass and allows themselves time to heal. Again, I have A.D.D. like a muther and I have too much going on. I walked around with a broken toe for a year for god sakes. Don't have time to be a baby.

If it doesn't get better by tomorrow I'll go to the doctor. I swear. I was planning on stepping up my workouts but I'm glad that I haven't. If I can be this hurt from just dancing, I don't even want to know how I'd feel after a really good workout. It's going to be spring soon. Heal already dammit!!!

On another note.. I was sort of freaking about stupid valentine's day. Worrying if I wouldn't have anything to do. But me and Mitch went shopping and ended up at Pedro's for some Margs with Louie, Katy, and Kayla. And he even got me a rose to make sure I had something for valentine's. What a nice friend huh? I think so.

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