Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back in the Game

Ok. I'm feeling a little less hungover so I am going to try and attempt to write this again.

So dry spell.... yeah...

Well, they other day, I met up with a friend who I hadn't seen since I was 14. We sort of had a thing until he dumped me. My little heart did do a little pitter pat, but then I got over it. Hey, 14 here. Nothing fazed me then.

So, he ended up coming and kicking it the other night and I actually started having little burts of feeling in my tummy.... Then it went away.

Hmmm. Not to be discouraged, I decided to jump back on the horse and try again. So I invited him out with me, Louie, and M to get some drinks and play some darts. Drama ensued of course because my car keys turned up missing and M decided he wanted to disappear into lala land and leave our asses at the bar. Thanks buddy.

Well, that put mister man in the position to drive me home... So drunk as all hell, upset and freaking out, I decided the night could not be a complete waste, and let him stay over.

I must say.. Congratulations to me on grabbing the bull by the horns and getting back into the game!

There is one small little problem though... The man is feeling me and i'm not, in any way possible, going to get into a relationship with anyone. Sorry. Just not the right time to be held down I guess. Try back in another 9 years.

I'm just plain wrong sometimes. At least i'm aware of it though.

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  1. Sometimes it this guy who confuses sex with something else.

    Let it rain!