Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years Recap

We got back from out little trip yesterday and I am still recovering. I knew I was gonna go hard but I think I overdid it just a tad bit. We ended up going down there with just 5 of us. Which worked out OK actually because with all of our stuff there turned out to be less room in the van. The party was pretty fun except every girl there was wearing a towel pretty much. But I guess that's just Chicago for you.

The hotel we stayed at was really the only downside to our trip. We stayed at the Congress Hotel and we found out that the employees have been on strike for 5 years. The guy who owns the building lives in Syria and uses it as a tax deduction so he does not care if it makes money or not. All of the employees there are temp workers that make minimum wage and do not care what happens with the place. I asked for 3 glasses of milk and an apple and they did not have any apples. Then, when they brought the milk for $8.54, the guy did not have any change so he charged me $20 for 3 glasses of milk. Worse hotel stay ever!

I do kind of wish that we hadn't stayed up all night and day New Years because then we were all so tired and could not get enough energy to do anything else. I finally got the meet A, my Exes Ex. She lives in Chicago and they dated when he lived there. When he moved back up here, me and him started dating and he never told me they were technically together. He said that she was still in love with him and wouldn't leave him alone. We figured it out though and ended up becoming friends. She's younger than me but definitely a cool cool girl. She's coming up for the fireworks this summer so I'm going to make sure I'm not all tired and sick when I see her again.

I did end up drinking quite a lot at the party and I was OK but my body just feels really tired. I just need a few days rest I guess. I don't have another day off until Friday though so I'm just going to have to take it easy this week.

I hope everyone had a really good holiday and i hope we all have a really good year.

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