Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wandering eye

Aren't doctors supposed to be all professional and shit? Hmmm. I think so. Especially surgeons who are going to be cutting you open and looking at your insides right?

I think so.

So I went to the surgeon this morning and it has been decided I'll be having surgery next Friday. I am a little nervous because I've always been very healthy and I just don't want this to lead to many other health issues. Anyhoo. The doc was really nice and really sat down and explained everything to me. But his eyes kept wandering down!

Yes, down. You're a doctor, I'm sure you're aware women have breasts right? And I wasn't even wearing anything revealing. Just a cute sweater. Maybe he had a lazy eye. I don't think so though. Just a man.

It's good to get checked out though isn't it? Too bad he wasn't in his 20s and gorgeous but hey, you take what you can get right?


So when the lady called me this afternoon to set up the surgery date, she gave me two options.

#01- Jan 16Th. This is not the best day because Kaylas birthday is the 17Th and she's getting a limo.
#2- Jan 20Th. This is a horrible day because it's inauguration day and we were planning on having a party. Can't miss that.

So we're going with January 16Th. I may even be OK by that Saturday. Who knows.


I just checked my myspace and I had a message from the Exe's sister. She's younger than him but she was always really nice and I always made an effort to hang with her at family things. Anyways, I asked her how she was liking the exe's new GF, and I got the best response in the world. THEY ALL HATE HER. That is so funny. She says that she always trys to keep him away from them and she acts phony too.

When I met his mom, I was always really nervous because he told me that she's never nice to the girls he dates. And even his own family thinks she can be sort of mean. But they all loved me. I really hate when you break up with someone and you have to break up with their families too.

Oh well. At least I know she's not having a good time of it. And it's nice to know I'm missed too.

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