Thursday, January 15, 2009

Talking back never felt so good

It's been awhile since I've posted. I've just been laying around this week being high off my meds and really couldn't even focus on the computer. Surgery is tomorrow and I'm really nervous. It should be a pretty simple procedure, if nothing goes wrong. I've just never had surgery before so it's a little nerve racking. Then I have another week to sit around and try to recover. Fun Fun.

I got so tired of sitting around and being lazy the other day that I decided to have the girls over to watch Bad Girls Club, have some drinks, and eat some yummy sushi. We ended up going to a bar after that, and having an after set at my house. Not a good idea. My upstairs neighbors pounded on the floor for like two hours. We did get a little loud so I guess they did have the right. Most neighbors would call in a noise complaint but we kind of live in a lower income neighborhood and the people are mostly cool. Or they just don't want police contact. Either way, still pretty cool neighbors.

I have been enjoying this little break from work, even though it gets a little lonely and boring when everyone else is at work. I've even started evaluating maybe looking for another job. I work in customer service and sometimes I seriously want to pull my hair out.

People call in to get help with their pre-paid debit and gift cards, such as unemployment and child support cards, ATT rebate cards, and mall gift cards. And let me tell you....

Working in this job has really shown me how very stupid people are. I'm not even kidding. I know that we only use a small part of our brains, but some of the people I talk to all day, either are too lazy to use common sense or just don't give a damn.

Here's a few things that run through my head all day as I'm pretending to listen to these crazy people:

"Well, if the gift card was so important to you, why didn't you use it in 2006 before it expired? Why is it so important for you to call me up and scream at me because you're too stupid to see the expiration date on the front of the card?"

"The CVV2 is the 3 digit code on the BACK of the card. No where does the prompt ask you for the last four of your card number. Open your ears and listen for once."

"Why are you trying to use your child support money on yourself anyway? That is supposed to be to take care of your CHILD. Remember them?"

"I am not unemployment! If they fucked up your money then please call them and yell at them, NOT ME!"

"Why are you telling me you are going to sue me? I just work here retard, grow the fuck up!"

And those are just some of the things that I wish I could say to people. Too bad I'd lose my job if I ever did.

I can't wait until I graduate and get a job in my field and get the hell out of a call center.

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