Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have finally reached my limit with Kammie and her stupid BF. Last night when we were all chilling at Robbie's house watching the inauguration and Bad Girls Club, Kammie actually made an appearance for once. But after being there for awhile, she got up and slammed out of the house. When I asked C if she was OK, he told me that she was mad because she thinks he's sleeping with Robbie...

Woah! WTF! I looked at him like he was stupid and told him not to talk to me about it because, #1 I thought he was making it up, and #2 whenever bullshit like that comes out of his mouth, I try to stay out of it because it always turns into some drama.

SO this morning I went home to see my cats and chill out, and I saw Kammie and C and they seemed ok. But after being there for awhile, she threw him out of the room and slammed her door. He started yelling at her about not sleeping with Robbie... He comes out in the living room getting ready to leave, and trys talking to me about it. I told him I didn't care and to keep me out of it. But then he comes back at me like why did you even ask about it last night then?"

Fuck him! I asked if Kammie was OK, I did not ask him to get me involved in the bullshit.

So he leaves and then Kammie comes out of her bedroom accusing me of talking shit behind her back and it's all my fault that this gossip is flying around.


Hold up Bitch!

All I ever did was ask why she left last night mad and if she was OK. I never said anything to anyone about anything. Fuck both of them. He tells her all this stuff in her ear and instead of asking people about it, she gets all paranoid and goes off on them.

She says she's my friend but fuck that! This kid does nothing but start trouble where ever he goes. This is why no one likes him and why none of us ever want to hang out with him. We invite her out all the time and she sits at home in her room with him being all paranoid. FUCK THAT!

I told her off then I called him and told him off too.

She's supposed to be my friend and roommate and all she does is listen to this fucking kid even though she knows all he does is start shit. Like all I have to do all day is sit around and worry about those two. Please! For every ones sake, get the fuck over yourselves.

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