Monday, January 5, 2009

Playing hooky

I've decided to take some PTO tomorrow and lay on the couch and watch TV. I know it's sort of irresponsible of me, but I really do not care. I came into work today and the cold that has been coming on for the past week has decided to completely take over. I'm sure going to the bar last night with Katy did not help any. And I'm even more sure that staying up until 4 with "kammie," Katy and P was even worse. But hey, how was I to know that the partying was going to kick the cold in?

This morning was absolutely horrible talking to customers on the phone. People would ask me something, and in between coughing and sneezing, my brain seemed to be on hiatus. You know that stuffy feeling you get in your head when you have a cold and you feel like you just can't concentrate on anything? Ya, that was the way my head felt all morning. I felt a little better after having some soup, but I'm still going to play hooky tomorrow and try t relax.

If you haven't noticed, even on my days off, I never just chill and relax anymore. I'm either running around doing errands, partying with the girls, or playing with the baby. So I think I day of laziness is definitely needed. Otherwise I think I'll just carrying around this damn cold forever.

It'll be a good day to go to the gym too and sweat it out.

I finally have my doctors appointment in the morning to find out about my gall bladder. I switched to a really nice doctor so I'm hoping they will take it out for me. I am only 24 and I really don't want to be sick like this forever.

*Keeping my fingers crossed*

** OOH and Gossip Girl is on tonight, Hellz Ya!


  1. What exactly does a gall bladder do, anyway, except cause problems and get taken out?

  2. Good luck with your gall bladder! Hope everything is okay in that department! You definitely should have a day of laying around and doing nothing, sometimes we just need to have those kind of days...