Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day!!!

Good morning! Today is inauguration day and I am so excited. Since I'm healing, I've been staying at Robbie's so she can take care of me. Which is actually pretty nice because her man is in Texas so it's nice and girly here right now. All the bitches are still sleeping but I'm about to wake their asses up! People are coming over soon and we gotta get ready.

Is it OK to start drinking beer at them am if it's for the president? Oh, who cares? I'm drinking hella!

I was really surprised that it's so early in the morning. People will be at work right? That would suck if I had to work and missed it. Guess there's a good thing coming out of this medical leave.

On Saturday, I came over here and lounged in the chair all day. She ended up having some friends over and I think I overdid it but I'm healing nicely.

I had the most fucked up dream last night and I woke up crying. I dreamed one of my best guy friends, P, was dead. His mom called me and was like, oh yeah, he had a heart attack and died in his sleep. Fucked up huh? I hate dreams like that because they make you really think, what if that did happen? I texted him first thing this morning just to make sure. He's OK thank god but you never know.

OK, time to get ready for the party!!! Have a good day everyone and congratulations to us all on finally evolving in the right direction!

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