Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Compromise is sometimes hard to do

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. I really appreciate it. It's really weird for me talking about such private things with people I don't know, but overall it's nice to know there's people out there who care.

I went to the doctor yesterday and was told I have to see a surgeon tomorrow. I'm a little nervous but all in all, I've decided that this is probably the best option for me. I'm only 24 and I can't live worrying when my next visit to the emergency room is going to be. I was talking to "Robbie" this morning about it and I told her I wish I had something a little sexier wrong with me. Having an operation on your gall bladder sounds like something an elderly person would have done, doesn't it? I guess any sort of illness is going to sound bad, but still.

The cold I had yesterday is pretty much gone thank goodness. I rested in the morning and went out for happy hour in the afternoon. Sounds like a bad combination but it obviously worked so who cares?

I sort of got into a little tiff with "Kammie" yesterday when I woke up and her BF's toothbrush was in the bathroom. I know it sounds silly of me but I cant help myself from getting a little irritated. Before we moved in together, she specifically made it a point to tell me she did not want the Ex at the house every day and did not want him moving in. I assured her that was not even an issue. Now, her BF is at our house almost every day. Even when he works night shift, I wake up and his shoes are by the door. She says he's not there every day but I really beg to differ.

So yesterday when I saw his toothbrush in our toothbrush holder I got a little peeved. Then I noticed he had two pairs of shoes by the door. Why does he need TWO pairs of shoes at our house? It always starts with the little things. First, they leave their toothbrush over, then their shaving kit, then clothes start showing up in the closet. I guess I kind of freaked, but he never goes to his own house and I just really needed to make it clear that another roommate is not OK with me.

I really don't want to fight with "Kammie" about it but I guess whenever you have a roommate there's always a little compromise that is needed.

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