Saturday, January 31, 2009


Whenever I check my Facebook I always have a friend request from someone I went to high school with. Most of the people I know, not exactly well, but I know their names and I know a little about them. But I always find it weird to get a request from someone that I maybe shared a few sentences with my entire high school career.

My high school was very clique'y. I know that it's normal to bond with people that share the same interests as you and so sometimes that can be construed as clique'y. (And i'm aware that's probably not how you spell it but I think it looks cool like that so fuck off.)

But my high school was way more than just certain people branching off into groups. Every year there actually was a clique of girls who had a name for themselves and everyone, even the teachers knew it and acknowledged it.

Sort of like a bad 80s movie right?

Well my year the girls were called the one eight. They were the 18 most popular girls, or so they thought, in my school. Before them was the elite 11 and the nine. The girls in my year even had custom plates with their name and their number. Like Jenna7 and Carmen5.

What is so funny about these girls, who thought they were better than everyone else, is that deep down they were the same as anyone else. For instance, I never smoked but I would stand out on the sidewalk, which was off school property by the way, with my friends as they smoked. And these girls even asked me once why I would stand out there with people who "smoked!" Because obviously people like that were gross and deserved to be scoffed at.

Two years later, most of them were coke heads and their new name was the dick sucking squad.

Moral of the story: Don't talk shit because everyone has something that someone else sees as not good, and when you talk shit about someone else and act like you're better, you're really not.

Instead you're just a hypocrite with an STD. Enjoy.


  1. This made me laugh. "a hypocrite with an STD" is a great line.

    Sadly, after all the HS crap, seems like their are sliques everywhere - bars, churches, work, etc. Seems like there is a song lyric somewhere that says "high school never ends".

  2. it makes u really glad high school is over when u have to put up w/ shit like that!