Sunday, December 28, 2008

Too much stress for one little person

Stress, Stress, Stress. Drama, Drama, Drama.

I swear, every time I turn around there is drama everywhere. How difficult is it for 6 friends to coordinate a fun weekend to Chicago for New Years? I swear to fricking god. I love my friends to death but sometimes I feel like we're all a bunch of 5Th graders posing as adults.

So C can't go because he doesn't have the money. So of course he doesn't want "kammie" to go and he spews little tidbits in her ear to get her all anxious and suspicious that we're all against her and shit. Seriously tired of this kid.

Even in light of this, up until a couple hours ago she was planning on going, but now she's not. She says she doesn't have the $. Which I understand, I just worry that that's really the reason she's not going.

Me, "kammie" and "robbie" always spend new years together so this year without her is just not going to be the same.

And all of this stress is making my stomach hurt. I AM SERIOUSLY SICK HERE PEOPLE!
I really need them to stop all of this. The hole in my stomach just keeps growing with all of this stress.

I need this trip to have some fun and relax. And all of this bullshit is really putting a damper on my excitement. Like the fact that I may need surgery and can maybe never drink again isn't enough for me to deal with this week, I've got kindergarten duty.

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