Wednesday, December 3, 2008

That's the truth

A question that was asked in my previous post: "who ended the relationship between you and Ex? Because if he ended it with you and started dating this girl who so obviously was trying to get with him the whole time he was with you, then that's pretty messed up?"

I just wanted to clear this up a little because obviously the situation is way messed up. He had gotten into some trouble and his PO decided she didn't want him living with me and we shouldn't have contact for awhile.

Things from there just disintegrated. I think he blamed me a little for his situation and low and behold, there she is to lick his wounds.

She's like a cockroach. You can't get rid of her, she just keeps coming back.

And now, he's all confused because, oops things with her aren't working out either.

As I've said, I love him. Don't always know why but there you go. But seriously, it's like when things get rough, he doesn't know how to stick. Like I've said, he really has a lot of growing up to do. Things aren't always easy and this is one of the reasons I was so hurt after things ended between us. Even though it wasn't always easy, and he hurt me unbelievably, I was always there and willing to make things work, because I really felt like if we both put forth the effort, we could.

But even if he wants to get back together now, I really don't think I have anything left. And that's just plain old sad.

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